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  1. 8 minutes ago, lawhopeful22 said:

    Hi all,

    I've received an offer from the University of Ottawa that expires on April 1. I haven't heard back from all the schools I applied to yet and I'm beginning to get worried that I won't have all my responses by that April 1 deadline. I planned on provisionally accepting my offer to Ottawa and keeping all my other applications open, but I just noticed on OLSAS it says: "if you provisionally accept an offer, you may not be able to change it to a firm acceptance if the expiry date has passed". So basically, my question is: is there any way to keep my applications to other Ontario law schools open if I provide a firm acceptance to the University of Ottawa? Once you do provide a firm acceptance, is there any way to change your mind, back out of it, and attend a different law school?

    Thanks in advance. 

    If you firm accept, you are automatically removed from consideration from every other school in Ontario. It will not affect out of province schools.

    Provisionally accept Ottawa and leave everywhere else open. If you don't get any other offers, you can then either change it yourself to a firm accept, or it will automatically become firm in early July.

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  2. I faced a similar decision (between Western, Queen's, and Osgoode) and went with Osgoode for a few reasons:

    1) better placement on Bay (if I decide to go this route)

    2) way more clinics/intensives

    3) depth and breadth of the course offerings (which is good for someone who isn't 100% sure what kind of law they want to practice)

    4) better location for networking opportunities 

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  3. 15 minutes ago, LeoandCharlie said:

    I'm not a 1L but I can answer this question. There is a bookstore in the basement level of the school. It's fairly small in size but has a wide selection of apparel for sale as well. There are two matters worth noting with regards to the store. The first matter is that there is much more apparel variety in the actual store than what is published online. 

    Edit: Winter sale has ended. 

    Ahh okay. Cuz I checked the bookstore website and all it shows is a mug and a beanie!

  4. 1 hour ago, cheesecurd said:

    I'm only stating fact - the entrance averages are considerably different at different schools. Every school has a high entrance average for specialized programs like business and engineering. But the average of the incoming class of the entire student body at Queen's/Western is approximately 90%. Not every program at every school is the same level of difficulty. That's why U of T considers it and uses stats to determine how successful you are likely to be if you come from a certain school/program. I'm not saying that ALL the smart kids go to western, but a lot of them do. That's simply true - look at their entrance averages. Idk how you guys are disputing this? 

    Do you honestly think that an A at Nipissing is equivalent to an A at Western/Queen's? Based on what? 


    Seems pretty on par with a ton of other schools.

    Side note: weren't you the one complaining about having no offers anywhere except Western? Wouldn't you be thrilled about having an offer from the school where the smartest kids go?

  5. Just now, Abii said:

    Alright, I realize this might be a bit absurd to some of you, but it's a genuine concern for me. I've needed braces for a long time to fix a mild overbite (and I also grind my teeth). I was at the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned and she gave me an earful, which means I'm finally going to have to do this. Does anybody have any experience with braces during law school? My first concern is not being able to talk properly, but I've been told that I'll get used to it after a few months.

    My other concern is regarding OCI's for 2L. Those happen at the start of 2L, correct? That means I might still be wearing my braces at that time. I'm curious to see if anybody here wears/worse braces during law school (fingers crossed I don't need jaw surgery, which is something my dentist hinted at today). 

    Hahahahhaha this is amazing.

    I had braces in high school and it never affected my ability to talk properly, so I wouldn't worry about that.

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  6. 1 hour ago, JDhopeful2020 said:

    Did you just pull this straight out of your ass or what? 

    Not really. With a 2.1 after 5 semesters, even with a 4.0 this semester and all of 4th year, OP will have a 2.81 GPA. Basic math. And even with a 2.81 and a 170+, you're fighting an uphill battle. Get a grip. 


    Now I do see that OP has clarified, but my reply was in response to a 2.1 cGPA

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  7. I appreciate your bluntness and will return the favour. You have basically no shot anywhere in Canada. You will probably need at least a 3.9 this semester and a 3.9 next year, coupled with a 170+ LSAT. Even then, you are a long shot. 

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  8. 4 hours ago, woodlylaw said:

    Been in queue since Nov 20th

    LSAT 155

    CGPA 4.0

    B2/L2 4.0

    EC's-very good, NCAA student athlete, year of professional sports, thesis presentation in Washington DC

    Best of luck to everyone waiting like me ! 

    Curious... why are you applying to Canadian schools?

  9. 5 minutes ago, gsa said:

    Hi, I was wondering how do law schools factor in summer classes ? Do the schools not take the courses into account, or do they factor the courses in just like any other class? I have taken some of my prerequisites during the summer and wanted to know if they would count towards my gpa.

    Thank you, all for your comments.

    For Ontario schools, yes, summer courses will be included in the cGPA OLSAS calculates for you. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, BlockedQuebecois said:

    @ZineZ covered off basically everything else in your post, but I'll expand on their response to this question. 

    You'll have the opportunity to volunteer with some clinics early in first year, with applications due right around the start of September. I know CLASP, the Osgoode business clinic, and Parkdale all took on first year students, but those are the only ones I remember. Those either run the whole year (OBC and Parkdale) or 1 semester (CLASP). 

    Then, as Zine said, you'll have the chance to apply at the end of January to the whole slate of clinics (less the IP one, because you need to be a third year for that). You'll need a resume and your transcript for every one, and basically all of them will require a cover letter too. Some require you to answer some questions. I know CLASP,  Parkdale, Criminal Law Intensive, International Law Intensive, and the Innocence project all do interviews. I don't think any of the business ones do. I'm not sure about the others. 

    If you end up applying to any and getting an interview, ask around with upper years about what they're like. 

    Note that a lot of them are very competitive, and some care a lot about your grades. There were a lot of sour grapes when acceptances came out this year. 

    Sorry if this a dumb question but I don't quite understand what a clinic or an intensive actually are. Is there a difference between the two? Is it mandatory?

  11. 7 hours ago, bhaywardio said:

    I'll post here rather than in a new thread. 

    Queens vs. Osgoode? Both have opportunity for practical experience in law that I am interested in. Queens is more affordable and has smaller class sizes. Osgoode provides (potentially?) more access to the Toronto legal market were that to become an ambition. Kingston would be an easier transition for me than Toronto. However, were Osgoode to offer use of their ICLP, I'd be hard pressed to decline. Thoughts, feelings, emotions?

    I went with osgoode over queen's. 

  12. 6 hours ago, Toad said:

    Just imagine if almost every law school required GPA/LSAT scores like the 3-4 or so most competitive law schools AND required significant, long-term, and meaningful ECs AND were less likely to use GPA adjustments like L2 or drops AND were less splitter friendly AND required a full course load AND actually cared about the courses you took AND often had difficult science courses as prerequisites AND required you go through a difficult interview process which if failed is sufficient to reject your application.

    If you successfully imagine the above, you'll have a pretty good understanding of the difference between the difficulty of getting accepted to medical school and law school.

    Note: I'm referring to Canadian law/medical schools. I'm less privy to law/medical schools in other countries.

    I did all these things anyways lol (minus the interview obviously)

  13. On 2018-02-09 at 8:38 PM, Simbaa said:

    This is a strange post. Given the fact that tuition alone is 27k, you really have all that extra money to spend on residence? A 30 minute commute isn't bad at all. There are people commuting an hour, or even over an hour, to Osgoode. 

    This is a strange comment. Attending Oz and staying in rez are mutually exclusive? Really? 

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