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  1. In. I was accepted on the first day with a 3.61 and a 163.
  2. Yeah so they used to explicitly say last 2 years but this year they changed the wording. Back in November it actually literally said "best" but now that it's saying "top" I suppose that's a little more obscure.
  3. If you firm accept, you are automatically removed from consideration from every other school in Ontario. It will not affect out of province schools. Provisionally accept Ottawa and leave everywhere else open. If you don't get any other offers, you can then either change it yourself to a firm accept, or it will automatically become firm in early July.
  4. I faced a similar decision (between Western, Queen's, and Osgoode) and went with Osgoode for a few reasons: 1) better placement on Bay (if I decide to go this route) 2) way more clinics/intensives 3) depth and breadth of the course offerings (which is good for someone who isn't 100% sure what kind of law they want to practice) 4) better location for networking opportunities
  5. Ahh okay. Cuz I checked the bookstore website and all it shows is a mug and a beanie!
  6. Does Osgoode have its own bookstore or is it just 1 large bookstore for all of York? Also, where can I get some apparel?
  7. http://welcome.uwo.ca/PDFs/ontario_admission_requirements.pdf Seems pretty on par with a ton of other schools. Side note: weren't you the one complaining about having no offers anywhere except Western? Wouldn't you be thrilled about having an offer from the school where the smartest kids go?
  8. If you wanna live and work in the States, obviously go there. Comparing though, I'd say U of T is probably closer to the lower t14 than schools like Yale or Stanford.
  9. This is turning into an absolute shit show. I go to none of those schools, for business, and it's ~89% out of high school. Also, since when did Western become a sick school? Who told you all the smart kids go there? News to me, and to a lot of people probably. The quality of their undergrad isn't renowned in any way at all lol (minus Ivey).
  10. I think your chances are decent. That said, why is your age a disadvantage? I'm the same age and got in in December.
  11. Hahahahhaha this is amazing. I had braces in high school and it never affected my ability to talk properly, so I wouldn't worry about that.
  12. 2 things: 1) you're not good enough to have been offered yet 2) you're not shitty enough to have been rejected yet Hang in there
  13. Not really. With a 2.1 after 5 semesters, even with a 4.0 this semester and all of 4th year, OP will have a 2.81 GPA. Basic math. And even with a 2.81 and a 170+, you're fighting an uphill battle. Get a grip. Now I do see that OP has clarified, but my reply was in response to a 2.1 cGPA
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