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  1. The OLSAS chart is likely different from your school's. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-conversion-table/
  2. I don't think it's time to worry yet! I got into U of T yesterday and still not Osgoode, and am pretty sure that my stats should be good enough for Osgoode if they are for U of T (3.82/175). I went into Queue on the 17th.
  3. Actually I do have an offer on OLSAS now, but still don't worry! It wasn't there even 20 minutes ago so it took well over 24 hours (I got the call around noon yesterday).
  4. Nope, and either on the call or in the email they said it'd take up to 5 business days - don't worry!
  5. Yep I got mine last night. Also congrats to both of you! Looking forward to meeting everyone
  6. Wow that is an insane GPA! Congrats
  7. Just an update - I got the email at 804 EST. Another update - their blog says offers for the first round will run till December 8th.
  8. I think it generally lasts a few days, just judging by past accepted threads + past posts on their blog.
  9. Whoops sorry about that, I suppose 2018 would make sense. In my excitement I didn't think much! Do I need to message the admins to do this? I don't think I can on my own. If anyone admins are reading this changing it to 2018 is fine by me.
  10. I don't completely remember but I think she said in the next few days, and then a rushed acceptance package in the mail in the next week or so. Good luck!
  11. Thanks! I was a bit worried about my lack of strong ECs but phew Thanks I'm having a hard time finishing my essay that's due in 2 hours now haha.
  12. Just got the call!! 3.82 OLSAS / 175 LSAT / weak ECs (TAing)/ strong PS Ahhh Last name B
  13. I'd say he's pretty clearly joking here, I wouldn't even go so far as to call it speculating.
  14. Just gonna bump this because it got hidden by all the other replies, hopefully that isn't against the rules!
  15. Hopefully this fits in here, but anyone know which number schools generally call? On OLSAS, I put my cel number as my cell number, and my home number as my permanent number - I doubt any school would bother to call two numbers, and so am wondering which they will call (if they call, of course).
  16. I went to the JD/MBA event - there was some deadline to apply by in 1L to qualify for the specific JD/MBA funding. I'm sure it'll be made clear to anyone who gets accepted! The panel seemed to pretty unilaterally recommend applying before 1L, but after you get accepted: so if you get accepted in the first round to U of T law, apply to Rotman for the January round, and so on. And be sure to make it very clear to Rotman that you have already been accepted to the JD program.
  17. No problem! I'll take a look tonight whilst further procastinating
  18. @roadrunner it's pretty fun to apply my lack of any statistical knowledge to this stuff! haha. Just wondering, did you do the same for Osgoode? If so what'd ya find out? @hopefulcanadianlawyr I was actually just procrastinating from studying for the contracts test in this undergrad law course I'm taking, I've always liked studying late! @BayStreetOrBust thank for the vote of confidence (Maybe that's the wrong term! Who knows)
  19. And also I do realize how this is a classic LSAT reasoning flaw but 'yknow, whatever.
  20. I'm just applying this year but have a friend in the program. I can try to ask him the questions if you want me to - just reply here or send me a PM if interested.
  21. While procrastinating other work I dug up the past accepted threads and found that 4 of the last 6 first rounds were either the last Friday of November, if that last Friday is near the very end of the month, or otherwise the first Friday of December. That would mean that, more likely than not, the first round should be this Friday! Obviously my sample size is tiny, and to make my guess even worse only 4 of the 6 rounds meet the trend. But, to be fair last year there was the OLSAS delay and for all I know there could have been some other delay a few years back. So who knows, maybe this Friday, maybe not. Sorry if this thread doesn't contribute much to discussion, I figured I'd just share what I figured out since I doubt I'm the only anxious one here.
  22. Hey! Was wondering what my chances are. Hoping to do a JD/MBA at U of T - obviously MBA part is pretty separate though. LSAT is first attempt, and B3 are my first three years of undergrad at U of T. I have CR/NCRd a few courses, but only obvious electives (such as a third year music course). My softs unfortunately are not great - I have not done much in undergrad, although I have TA'd a 3rd year course for 3 terms in a row now, and currently am am a senior TA (more students, so on). My personal statement should be pretty good in the end, once I work out the kinks, along with my secondary essay. This honestly is a sincere question - I know my GPA is pretty good and LSAT is extremely good, but I worry my lack of ECs and use of CR/NCRs could end up costing me U of T. Any opinions are welcome!
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