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  1. Some Canadian schools are pretty generous with scholarships for eligible applicants, though not all. Even when schools are generous, it's rarely (never?) a crazy offer like you'd get in the states (think a few thousand dollars vs. a full ride). You should look around this forum to see which schools are more generous than others, or PM me if you have questions about my own personal experience. That said, the LSAT is a tough exam to crack, and many people report hitting an asymptote in their performance on it, no matter how much they work to prepare for it. I'm not trying to discourage you, but you should be realistic with the return on investment you'd get with more practice!
  2. Thank you! My application was in November 22.
  3. Someone on the Accepted thread just posted that they got in with a 898 after being in Committee Review status for a few days! @Aschenbach
  4. I would only recommend a private tutor to people with specific learning styles. Some consider hiring a tutor or attending a prep course as an excuse to not actually put the work in. I personally fared much better after teaching myself!
  5. 1. In Canada, literally no one cares where you went to undergrad. You could have gone to UofT, Windsor, or UCN in Northern Manitoba; as long as you have a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university, you will be equal in the eyes of admissions offices. What they do look at are your grades and LSAT score (almost always), and ECs (only sometimes). The thought of an admissions officer looking at two otherwise identical applicants from two schools differently is a little crazy. 2. Which kinda ties in to point #2: the concept of a "top law school" is kind of fuzzy in Canada. Pretentiousness and elitism aside, the law school you pick should mostly be based on where you want to practice and what. Different programs and school will provide different trajectories to various fields, and larger (aka schools with better brand recognition) might offer a more broad spectrum of options, but ultimately it's on you to decide if that is what you're looking for. 3. You've completed, like, 13% of your undergraduate degree. Why are you wasting your time worrying about four whole years from now? Go enjoy first year!
  6. I wanted to talk about this point you brought up in particular as I feel like I have a personal anecdote to share. I am also a current engineering student. You're absolutely right; throughout my time in engineering the common wisdom was that we are all struggling and just scraping by. The most common topic of conversation was how terribly we were all doing (I think that has something to do with humans bonding better over suffering, but I don't actually know anything about that). I had every reason to believe, like yourself, that everyone around me was on the verge of academic probation. Then senior year rolled around. Suddenly, the friends I was joking about failing with are being accepted to prestigious masters and professional programs. Scoring incredible jobs at companies I only ever thought of as abstract dreams. I realize now that it wasn't just me that was exaggerating how poorly I was doing. Everyone else was. It makes sense in retrospect - the entire time I was at school doing poorly was the standard we all assimilated to so as to not stand out. Turns out things weren't as bad as we all said they were. ... Except for people like yourself - who took all the moaning and complaining as validation for their own poor performance. These people now find themselves, in their senior year, struggling to find a job in a market EVERYONE said was better than it actually is ("an engineering job is guaranteed" - NOPE!). Turns out employers do care about grades! Whoops! The point I guess I'm trying to make is that no matter what you choose to do, you HAVE TO mute out the noise. You never know how well that guy who told you he failed actually did. The only good you will get out of believing him is the temporary relief that maybe you're not at as bad a position as you thought. That's a slippery slope. Do well to your own standards, and be honest with yourself about when you should do better. The bell curve is only so steep!
  7. Got the call last night as well! GPA: 4.0/4.3 ish LSAT: 170 Self calculated index at about 985ish Congratulations to everyone!
  8. I'd imagine that being closer to the market they wish to practice in, proximity to family, and Vancouver's outrageous rental market are also factors
  9. I really honestly think it's just a school by school thing, and depends on how they do admission cycles. UBC responded to me two weeks after I sent my application, but Victoria is now going on 2 months
  10. I sent mine in on 24 Nov and the status recently changed from "submitted" to "App Forwarded for Review". It appears that they might be waiting from fall marks, based on my application checklist.
  11. https://borrowell.com as well as other online services will provide you with a free credit report (in the case of Borrowell, at the cost of having their credit services promoted to you). You should check it out, and it should also tell you whether your late payment incident had an impact on your score (which it probably did). Credit scores and the impact of your behavior on them is a whole thing which I suggest you read up on, but in particular pay attention to some key credit tips (which you can find in articles anywhere - including on Borrowell). For example, leaving your credit card unused for months is also not necessarily a great idea. This is stuff you should get acquainted with for life in general, not just your SLOC. The gist with credit scores is that if yours is above 700, then that means you'll probably have an easier time securing a loan, and if you don't then you may be asked for a cosigner / have a hard time getting a favourable rate. But, credit scores are hardly the only factor that plays a role and there's all sorts of other things that might come into play when you try to acquire a loan. Someone else might be more qualified to talk about that. Another thing to remember to do is look into your government student loan options, which I don't you mentioning. Government loans, unlike bank PSLOCs, do not accumulate interest while you're at school. That is HUGE and is why anyone with half a sense would tell you to max out your gov student before even touching your PSLOC. --- What I hope I imparted on you is that there's many things to know and know well when you're arranging your financing for school. Far more than anyone could succinctly summarize in a response to a forum post. I suggest you start on a Google adventure, check out your school's money matters page, look up your province's student loan website, and get a good sense of wise credit use. These things matter, and I promise you you'll prefer learning about them now than in 4 years time!
  12. Seems to me that getting that B+ may be good for you! Getting my first C was very character building!
  13. Hi all! I completed my UVic application the other day and I couldn't help but notice that unlike other applications, UVic requires a response to the 'ethnic origin' question. That really rubbed me the wrong way because I am uncomfortable with any public institution ethnically cataloguing its applicants. Not only that, but the application's robust list of ethnicities to choose from didn't even include my own, which is pretty marginalizing. I didn't mind it too much, but I could see how that could be a barrier to some folks Then again it's entirely possible I missed a "Prefer not to say" option and I can't travel back now... What are people's thoughts on this?
  14. Changed to offer, but no email yet! GPA: 87.16 LSAT: 170 Index (self calc): ~93.7 Congrats everyone ☺️
  15. Precedent suggests by the end of the month. Last year's first acceptances came out Nov 14, although in previous years they came out as late as the last couple of days of November
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