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  1. still waiting on my email is anyone else still waiting?
  2. Lol I haven’t but I feel the exact same way!
  3. Do you guys remember when they said we'll get the email?
  4. Got the call around 3:30 pm! cGPA 3.81 , B3 3.88 LSAT 162 Strong LORs, PS and ECs UFT is holistic!
  5. fryingpanman may be on to something here... Western acceptances came out today midday lol
  6. Quick question - for the JD MBA Program is there a specific deadline for when we can apply for MBA? For an example, if one is to get in during March would it be ok to apply after getting in?
  7. How many applicants have usually applied in the past few years?
  8. Sorry, I was talking about Windsor Law specifically
  9. Well, mistake me if I’m wrong, but last years cGPA median was 3.12 meaning 50% of the grades were below that and Median lsat was 155. If you score really well on the LSATS, you may have a shot! Study hard!
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