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  1. There are 10, but that includes summer students that opt to return. This year 7 of the 10 slots were filled by returning summer students.
  2. Interesting! Do you know which MAG office this was?
  3. Hey @PinkBarbie101, I would agree with what @Toby1994 said, with one addition: You aren't capped on your letters of reference, which means you can ALSO submit a letter of reference from your employer. So you might as well try to secure an additional academic reference to comply with the guidelines, which can be supplemented by your stronger employment reference. Good luck!
  4. You will have to submit another transcript request through OLSAS.
  5. My status changed to this as well today. Here's hoping final term marks are enough to pull is in! I didn't get an email, just checked on the student portal website.
  6. I took a peek at last years and it seemed I might have the stats to get in during the later cycles, thought I'd check here for a bit more info My last two is ~3.6. Thanks for the info everyone!
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