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  1. Has anyone tried deferring their offer? How did the process go and were you successful? Thanks
  2. B2: around 3.7/3.8 LSAT: 158 I think I have a pretty strong profile and references.
  3. I was invited for an interview. I’m based in BC so I’m doing it over the phone. Is it recommended to fly to Dal instead?
  4. What are your stats?
  5. Mine has the same thing. Wondering what this means.
  6. Are you from the maritimes?
  7. Drizzy08

    Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Same here. What are y'all stats? LSAT: 158 B2: 3.7
  8. Congratulations!! Are you a Maritimer or non-Maritimer?
  9. Congrats! Are you a Maritimer or non-Maritimes applicant?
  10. Drizzy08

    Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

  11. Drizzy08

    Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

    Like a 3.8
  12. Drizzy08

    Chances 3.8 GPA/ 158 LSAT

    Bump- thanks
  13. I have a 3.6 GPA with a 158 LSAT. Strong LORs and ECs. What are my chances like? Thanks!