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  1. Law schools won't care unless you lie. They'll take your money happily for 3 years. You need to seriously worry about the Bar Association. I do know someone who has been rejected due to a criminal record. He will not be articling or taking the bar exam.
  2. Thanks so much! I'm leaving you a private message with more questions
  3. As it says in the title! Is Esquimalt too far? Is there some advantage in living in a certain area? Is biking on the large roads dangerous? Any helpful comments would be appreciated, as I am moving from out of province.
  4. In Alberta it's 30$, but in Ontario it's free.
  5. It seems to cost 20$ a year in BC: https://www.cba.org/Membership/Membership-Information/Fees/British-Columbia
  6. Hi all -- just wondering what everyone's opinions are regarding membership in the CBA -- do you recommend becoming a member as a student? Anyone with advice or experience? Cheers!
  7. You should check whether LSAC will refund your fees for September after the July results are in. They do this for the December/February exams. Otherwise, definitely do it in July. The earlier the better, stress-wise.
  8. I really liked the study plans from Powerscore! I only had the bibles and I just ignored the part of the plan that involves the workbook and trainers. The 4-month plan worked very well. However, definitely get as many (like, all) Prep Tests as you can! They are integral to the plans.
  9. Not at all. I wrote in December and was immediately accepted (I think two days after they received my score). It's the February score that is a risk for UBC and UVic.
  10. No, courses in a Masters program are not counted in your undergrad GPA. I'm not sure -- you could email Dailene at Admissions. It is likely one of the courses they drop.
  11. Great advice from @Lawby and @conge. Redo the LSAT, but prep better -- improvement in LG and RC is absolutely possible. Focus on your weaknesses from previous exams. Apply outside of Ontario. Write many personal statements and have several people look them over. Do NOT listen to nay-sayers trying to psychoanalyze or, worse, judge your intellectual and professional capacities on the internet. If you really want it, work for it. If it isn't meant to be, you'll realize that soon enough. LOTS OF LUCK!
  12. Index score was closer to 915 for automatic admittance. UVic isn't very holistic unless you applied discretionary. In the regular category, it's a numbers game.
  13. What a great post! Heartfelt congrats on getting into law school. This is an excellent example of how hard work and a lot of motivation can get you your dreams. To the OP, I'm sorry for the negativity and for your hardships. It might help to remember that most people are not so open about their difficulties on this forum, for privacy's sake or other reasons. Some of us have lived through terrible trauma and tragedy as well. If I could give you one piece of motivating advice, it would be this: you are stronger for what you have been through -- rejection from law school is nothing compared to what you've already overcome! If you want it, you can wait another year, truly apply yourself to the LSAT and ace it, and start law school on your own terms. I think when you come back to this forum next year with your good news, you'll realize that the extra year was necessary. In the mean time, why not make a plan for the year? Do some things you've been putting off, since you'll be very busy once school starts. Don't you dare lose hope.
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