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  1. zaraaddict101

    OLSAS cegep grades

    No but you have to submit them anyways because they are considered post secondary grades
  2. zaraaddict101

    Chances for next cycle [3.46 / 150]

    I got accepted to Western and Ottawa in April. No access or diversity, just some average ECs. My L2 was around 3.5 as well!
  3. zaraaddict101

    Chances for next cycle [3.46 / 150]

    I had a 3.53 OLSAS CGPA and my highest LSAT was 159. I got into Ottawa, Western and was waitlisted at Queen’s. Getting that LSAT up will help! I wrote it three times, so don’t give up!
  4. zaraaddict101

    Waitlisted at Queen's 2018

    Waitlisted today as well - CGPA 3.53/4.0, best LSAT 159
  5. zaraaddict101

    Refused 2018

    Rejected today - 3.56/4.3 CGPA, best LSAT 159
  6. zaraaddict101

    Civil law degree and JD

    Has anyone done a civil law degree in Quebec and then done the one year JD either at Université de Montréal or in Ontario? Is it easy to get jobs in Toronto after doing the JD? I'm curious as to how this process works compared to doing both civil and common law at McGill, and then going to Toronto. Thanks!
  7. zaraaddict101

    Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Highest LSAT 159 CGPA: 3.53 // B2: 3.5ish
  8. zaraaddict101

    Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Still pending too!
  9. zaraaddict101

    Waitlist 2018?

    Were you advised by email or just checked Minerva?
  10. zaraaddict101

    Accepted Civil law Ottawa 2018

    Accepted - CGPA 3.56/4.3
  11. zaraaddict101

    Rejected 2018

    Rejected as well - CGPA 3.53, L2 3.5ish, best LSAT 159
  12. In queue since November as well! CGPA 3.53 LSAT 154,159,156
  13. zaraaddict101

    Law at Udem

    There’s not really a part in the application where they ask for EC’s so I think it’s mostly grades based. I finished my bachelors in Ontario this year so I don’t know whether or not finishing it makes a difference, but it’s always good to have a degree to fall back on!
  14. zaraaddict101

    Law at Udem

    I got in with a 3.56/4.3 in early March! So I think you may have good chances!
  15. zaraaddict101

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Wrote the LSAT in June, Sept, and Feb. I applied regular!