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  1. Hi - I had finished my undergrad degree in Ontario so 114 credits!
  2. Bachelor of Arts, from Ontario, 114 credits
  3. If I remember correctly, they post it for everyone in late November? I honestly don’t remember exactly when they post it.
  4. OLSAS will post your GPA eventually, once they process your transcripts. For now, you can calculate it yourself!
  5. Personal statements can take longer to write than you think, especially when you tailor them for each school. Use the questions given to you to help structure your PS. You can definitely talk about intramurals and summer jobs, but most schools also want to know why law and why that school!
  6. I registered for the March test but got in before! I wrote in March because it was better timing for me. I got in with a 3.56/4.3
  7. I got into Western and Ottawa with a 3.53 CGPA, 3.5x L2/B3, and a 159 LSAT (my best score). I was waitlisted at Queen’s but took myself off the list, so I don’t know if I would have gotten in eventually or not! I got rejected from Osgoode in May. So you never know! Good luck!!
  8. Currently a law student in first year at U de M who had to take the French exam. I found practice questions on the TFI website and I tried to read a lot of French before the test (La Presse is a good place to start). Personally, I found the test quite easy, but I grew up in Montreal and have been bilingual my whole life. The law program at U de M requires you to score at least 85% on the French test for you to be admitted. They can revoke your acceptance if you don’t get 85 or higher on the exam.
  9. I got into Western and Ottawa with a 159 LSAT, and I was waitlisted at Queen's.
  10. No but you have to submit them anyways because they are considered post secondary grades
  11. I got accepted to Western and Ottawa in April. No access or diversity, just some average ECs. My L2 was around 3.5 as well!
  12. I had a 3.53 OLSAS CGPA and my highest LSAT was 159. I got into Ottawa, Western and was waitlisted at Queen’s. Getting that LSAT up will help! I wrote it three times, so don’t give up!
  13. Waitlisted today as well - CGPA 3.53/4.0, best LSAT 159
  14. Rejected today - 3.56/4.3 CGPA, best LSAT 159
  15. Has anyone done a civil law degree in Quebec and then done the one year JD either at Université de Montréal or in Ontario? Is it easy to get jobs in Toronto after doing the JD? I'm curious as to how this process works compared to doing both civil and common law at McGill, and then going to Toronto. Thanks!
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