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  1. maximumextreme

    Accepted to Queen's 2018

    Just got the email : ) CGPA: 3.71 (OLSAS 3.67). Bx2 3.9. LSAT 148, 149, 160 (Dec. 2017 re-write). Good luck to all! Stellar extra-curriculars, recommendation letters, and excellent PS.
  2. Hi, I have studied for 3 years for the LSAT, more than everyone I know. Last year I received a score of 148. This year I received 149. I was averaging ~162-165 on the LSAT's prior to 2011. The newer LSAT's (2014+), I had scored all above 155. All under timed conditions. My CGPA is really high, it's 3.71. What should I do? The breakdown: LR1: 9 wrong. LG: 5 wrong. LR2: 16 wrong. RC: 14 wrong. What law schools will I have a chance at in Ontario? Thanks.