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  1. I’ll be forfeiting my seat in favour of UVic - good luck to those waiting
  2. Thank you - feel free to send me a PM if you’d like more details about my ECs! That’s a great index score, so would not be surprised if you receive an acceptance from UVic or UBC very soon! Best of luck
  3. Accepted just now!!!!! Received a call from Dailene! 100% will be accepting. Confirmed stats: 3.7, 162, 887.5 index Solid PS I would think, as well as extensive ECs
  4. Accepted!!!!! Dailene just called me! Will be accepting. Stats are above, solid PS I would think and extensive ECs.
  5. Hi all, I’ve declined my offer! Hopefully my spot goes to somebody on here
  6. Also called and was told I’m on the waitlist! Confirmed stats: 3.7, 162, 887.5 index
  7. Thank you! I sent in my application late December and my transcript after this. They received the transcript early January.
  8. Accepted today as well!! LSAT: 162 L2: 3.9ish (self-calculated)
  9. Accepted around noon as well!!! I am thrilled! LSAT: 162 L2: 3.9 (self-calculated)
  10. I by no means expect law school to guarantee a super high salary. As you've said, it can happen, but not unless you work extremely hard and are willing to sacrifice. Nevertheless, I thought it was low considering the amount of education, etc. being a junior associate entails. I acknowledged, however, that I've never compared junior associate wages myself so am not sure what the "norm" in terms of wages go.
  11. What are your stats? (I'm applying next cycle)
  12. That seems...low? I'm not sure as I haven't even gone to law school yet and so have not looked at similar offerings. But I make slightly over $20 an hour at my part-time job as an undergraduate student without a completed Bachelor's degree yet so...
  13. Hi all, I'm wondering what supporting docs. would look like for discretionary applicants in the case of a non-medical reason? It's pretty clear-cut what kind of documentation would be used to back up medical reasons but I'm not too sure about other, perhaps way more personal, cases. I'd prefer not to go into too much detail about my own personal circumstances, but it is related to family issues incl. a divorce. I'm possibly open to answering questions if it helps to elaborate on my question. Thanks very much in advance.
  14. Does anyone know how repeated courses fit into your total accumulated credits/units? Do they include the units from both attempts or is the worse attempt essentially erased off completely and replaced by the better attempt?
  15. Awesome, congrats! Also, this makes me super happy haha (my stats are pretty much identical to yours and I'll be applying for next cycle)
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