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  1. 40lawz

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Congrats everyone! Forgot to post, but was admitted a few months back after my french interview. LSAT: 159 cGPA: 4.0 Ontario resident.
  2. There's a Facebook group page?
  3. 40lawz

    Accepted at McGill 2018

    Congrats! May I ask when you had your french interview?
  4. Thank you! I'm truly excited. And of course, congratulations to you too!
  5. In today! LSAT 159 cGPA 4.0 went in Queue on Dec. 21st.
  6. 40lawz

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    In as well! 4.0 cGPA 159 LSAT
  7. 40lawz

    Accepted 2018

    In today! 4.0 cGPA 159 LSAT
  8. 40lawz

    Accepted to U of T 2018

    In! The call had gone to my voicemail! cGPA: 4.0 LSAT: 159 Strong PS! I'm over the moon!!! Given my low LSAT, I was not expecting in my wildest dreams to get an offer this early in the cycle!
  9. According to the "in Queue 2018" thread, the first reported queue was Nov 13th, followed by: Nov. 15th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st..etc. People admitted today have reported having been in queue from the 13th-17th. So, I'm really hoping that those of us who went in queue on 20th/21st hear back tomorrow or at least early next week! (but that's just me and my wishful thinking.)
  10. Mind sharing your stats and when you went in queue?
  11. I'm liking how a bunch of those who were the first to go in queue ( on Nov. 15th) are also the first to be receiving admission. There seems to be at least some correlation after all!
  12. Can we also post whether or not you went into queue - and if so, when? Thanks!
  13. My stats and softs are almost identical to yours. Seeing you've been accepted so early makes me hopeful! Congrats!
  14. In as well! 4.0 cGPA, 159 LSAT
  15. 40lawz

    "Under evaluation"?

    I really despise the "offered in English" part of the program description, right next to where they post your status in uozone. It gives me a mini stroke each time, cuz I keep confusing it to read "offer" as in offer of admission. It's literally the first thing I see each and every time I log in. I petition they change that. Just saying.