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  1. jd1994

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Just declined my offer. Wishing all of you the best of luck
  2. jd1994

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Won't be writing the February LSAT. I called to ask them about my index score and they said 887.5. Wishing you luck in your endeavors!
  3. jd1994

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    I'm not exactly sure on what they have on my index, when I self-calculated I got about there as well. They sent an email with the offer letter but that was a couple of hours after someone from the admissions office called
  4. jd1994

    Rejected from Western 2018

    My L2 was 3.14, which is what probably did me in. But I was holding out hope because http://lsutil.azurewebsites.net/Prediction2016/Index gave me a 'Likely'
  5. jd1994

    Rejected from Western 2018

    Got an email yesterday asking me to check my account, and the red x was there. CGPA: 3.29 LSAT: 165
  6. jd1994

    Accepted to UVic 2018

    Got a call on the 17th! GPA (self-calculated with drops): 3.47/4 LSAT 165
  7. Interested in: UBC, UofT, Osgoode, Western, Queen's, UOttawa. Percentage for UBC: 77.5. Side note: how much do schools care about work experience? and thank you in advance for the feedback!