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  1. Accepted this morning, non maritime resident 155/156 - 3.37 cgpa - 3.86 L2 will be declining
  2. Regardless all I was saying to OP was that they should go where they feel they can succeed - Both are wonderful law schools and very well regarded. I disagreed with scope being limited based on school - if OP hits the top of their class at either school they will have equal opportunities. I mean unless their parent is a managing partner of a big 7 firm than grades are less of a consideration
  3. TN is more or less the exact same as H1B just for Canadians and I think mexico... and is more tight in scope when speaking to occupation
  4. I personally don't know anyone from Oz that has gone to NY, not saying Oz doesn't have American visibility equal too if not greater than Queen's - I am speaking from my experience having interned in a major multinational law firm in NY for the last two summers. All I am trying to say about class size is this - Oz is a highly competitive school filled with stellar kids. 200 vs 300 people means you have 100 more people to beat. Class rank is determined by what grades?
  5. Is Osgoode an esteemed and well renowned Canadian law school - totally? If you finish top of your class at a school like UofA (a top 100 global school) will you do as well as someone who finishes top of their class at Oz - absolutely. If your plan is to go to the US to practice than you should aim to attend a US T15 school not Oz or UofA. The kids I know from Ontario schools that have ended up in NY did JDs at Queen's and UofT. American top law visibility is focused on grades foremost, work experience and prestige of JD. The kids I know who have ended up in the states in firms like Paul Weiss all worked in big bay street finance or management consulting prior to law school and also all had business undergrads from places like Wharton - this is who you will be competing against. I think something like roughly 5% of Queen's and UofT article in NY - it is daunting if this is your goal. Go to a school you feel comfortable with, a school you know you will excel at. Consider the class size and tightness of the curve - something Oz is notorious for (a 300ish 1L cohort and extremely tight curve). At the end of the day if the states is your end goal be real - US firms want lasers and it is getting ever harder to get an H1B even with being a highly skilled Canadian trained lawyer.
  7. Thanks very much - was more so looking for things within the realm of legal "general interest"! Can you suggest a podcast?
  8. just booked that... lol @harveyspecter993 ^
  9. I got in this cycle with 155,156 - 3.37 CGPA and 3.86 L2 you can PM me if you'd like! Your stats are great - LSAT obviously can be improved if you're willing to put the time into it but could be well worth
  10. Looking for some insight: 1. What will one's 1L timetable will look like? 2. What are some good/relevant/interesting cases and/or other things to read going into 1L (be it important cases covered in 1L courses and/or things people have found interesting and worth a read related to law) Thanks
  11. I think Windsor is a total crab shoot in terms of their admissions process.... saying that based on lurking accepted threads past it seems that the Windsor wait-list does have significant movement - so maybe being placed on the wait-list is better in terms of at least having an idea of where you stand??? Just my thoughts
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