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  1. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trinity-western-university-drops-contentious-covenant-but-lgbtq-staff-still-face-discrimination-1.4786673 Idk if this article has been posted already but I think it's worth mentioning. Also speaking from anecdotal experience, as someone who attended a religious highschool with a similar covenant in place it was actually a terrible experience having the covenant, as it extended to 'chapels' (basically the highschool version of town halls) where they brought in 'ex-gays' and 'ex-lesbians' who talked about how conversion therapy was possible and how it's possible 'turn straight'. I really don't understand to this day how this was permissible, especially due to the fact that we weren't even a private school, we were independent, which means that the government funds 50% of our tuition and we use their curriculum. I'm really glad that TWU wasn't able to get the law school, not saying that they would have gone to such extreme lengths such as my highschool did, but I can see how signing a mandatory covenant can create a discriminatory and uncomfortable environment for people who don't subscribe to the religious 'norm'. Also, since this covenant is mandatory for all staff, that's another thing to consider because you're bringing in staff members/profs that all adhere to this one ideology (at least on paper). Doesn't seem like diversity to me. Also creates a very intimidating environment for law students in the LGBTQ community when they know that ALL their profs, in positions of power, have signed a document adhering to this particular way of thinking. Officially, of course, there might not be any explicit form of discrimination, but I can see how under the table discrimination can happen. Again, as an anecdote, I've seen the aforementioned discrimination happen to people part of LGBTQ community at my school as well as allies with such a covenant in place.
  2. janegu

    Chances 3.7 and 168

    I don’t think OP is applying yet they’re just asking if they should redo the LSAT for a better shot at U of T.
  3. janegu

    Waitlist 2018

    I converted it to the 4.33 scale
  4. janegu

    Waitlisted at Queen's 2018

    Waitlisted too but asking to be removed cGPA: 3.55 L2: 3.77 LSAT: 161
  5. janegu

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Going to be emailing in to withdraw my acceptance as I have been accepted by my dream law school! Hopefully, this frees up a space for someone on this forum Wish you all the best!
  6. janegu

    Waitlist 2018

    Thank you so much ❤️❤️
  7. janegu

    Waitlist 2018

    Literally started crying when I got the call Yay so happy for you ❤️
  8. janegu

    Waitlist 2018

    I was #8 and just got a call!!!!
  9. janegu

    Waitlist 2018

    Waitlist rankings just came out!
  10. janegu

    Should I give up?

    Nothing productive to add but just wanted to say I found this thread very interesting/entertaining to read...and of course best of luck to OP! Also, I'm going to use that phrase on my brother the next time he's being a dick.
  11. Hi there, I've been accepted by U of C and I'm currently waitlisted for UVic. I put my deposit down for Calgary already as historically the waitlist doesn't seem to move much for UVic. I was wondering if any (recent) U of C grads can speak to what it's like breaking into the Vancouver market? Is it difficult? Would my chances be better if I went to U of A? Any insight would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
  12. janegu

    Changing my mind after firmly accepting offer

    What you can do and what I’ve seen people do is try to defer for a year. That way you have a year to sort out your personal circumstances (provided they are reasonable enough for the admissions committee to understand the deferment). Afterwards you can decide if you still want to go to law school.
  13. janegu

    Waitlist 2018

    Just received my waitlist email too! Stats above
  14. janegu

    Low Odds, What Should I Do? (2.98)

    Just wanted to commend you on how maturely you responded I've seen some people react poorly to similar advice, and it's great that you are being mature and realistic about this!
  15. janegu

    Low Odds, What Should I Do? (2.98)

    Hi @alexg1801 (I got to your post!) From what I read in similar chances threads these are the most common responses I have encountered: Most commenters will suggest that you write the LSAT first before anyone will be able to let you know what your chances are. In regards to your CGPA, if you have an upward trend and do well for your 5th year, that will work in your favour for B2 schools such as Queens. I think you'll also get other people commenting saying that you should never let your dedication to extracurriculars compromise your GPA, because most schools tend to prioritize your GPA and LSAT over ECs because the latter tends to be highly subjective. I think out of Ontario schools you should check out Windsor since they take a more holistic approach and your ECs may give you more of an edge in the admissions process. And it's ok, don't freak out. You are graduating from one of the top universities in Canada, and regardless of getting into law school or not, that is an achievement in itself! Wish you all the best and I hope you get that 170+ LSAT score