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  1. Sorry if I offended you by asking what you obviously perceive as an inane question. Unfortunately, lawstudents.ca doesn't allow posts to be deleted so I hope you don't mind that my question is still up there. My apologies if I annoyed you by asking questions on a forum designed for asking questions and starting conversations. I hope you have a great rest of the day!
  2. Obviously the former since I took cues from Michael Scott.
  3. Thanks! That’s good to know and I appreciate your (non-sarcastic) response.
  4. Hi, this is just a question out of curiosity. I just finished the Vancouver recruitment cycle and I've had more than couple recruiters follow up to see if I ended up with a summer position and if so, which firm. Is there a reason why they ask beyond being curious where I landed after the cycle? Do they tend to ask all the people they interview? (Also none of these recruiters gave me an offer on the offer day)
  5. no problem, I'm happy to help! I hope so too, you got this--just keep up with your drills/PTs
  6. https://www.uvic.ca/law/assets/docs/admissfinaid/LSAT-GPA Demographic Chart.pdf here's a chart that may be helpful as well!
  7. If you check the wait list you can see the stats of ppl that got in. But I would retake if you feel like you can do better! You got this
  8. I believe the automatic index is floating around 915 but maybe call admissions to check.
  9. You send in your official transcripts after you’re offered admission
  10. I think you have a great chance of getting in! Auto-admit hovers around 242, the calculation is: 22.5 x (GPA) + LSAT Index calculation: useful thread
  11. But on a more serious note—why do these kind of threads tend to devolve into a (pardon my French) ‘whose dick is bigger contest’? OP is asking about job prospects not ‘the difference between a 150 and a 180’. While I don’t really think I have a lot of authority to speak on recruitment and what a potential employer is looking for being a (very new to the game) 1L, I do often lurk and from what I’ve read/gleaned from the forum if you’re looking for jobs in interior/rural BC TRU would be a good law school to go to for networking, or any other BC law school for that matter (they do say go to a law school in a province you want to practice in). It’s not really like the States where the tiers really seem to matter. Anyways best of luck to OP!!
  12. Well this thread has been quite interesting to read...😂
  13. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/trinity-western-university-drops-contentious-covenant-but-lgbtq-staff-still-face-discrimination-1.4786673 Idk if this article has been posted already but I think it's worth mentioning. Also speaking from anecdotal experience, as someone who attended a religious highschool with a similar covenant in place it was actually a terrible experience having the covenant, as it extended to 'chapels' (basically the highschool version of town halls) where they brought in 'ex-gays' and 'ex-lesbians' who talked about how conversion therapy was possible and how it's possible 'turn straight'. I really don't understand to this day how this was permissible, especially due to the fact that we weren't even a private school, we were independent, which means that the government funds 50% of our tuition and we use their curriculum. I'm really glad that TWU wasn't able to get the law school, not saying that they would have gone to such extreme lengths such as my highschool did, but I can see how signing a mandatory covenant can create a discriminatory and uncomfortable environment for people who don't subscribe to the religious 'norm'. Also, since this covenant is mandatory for all staff, that's another thing to consider because you're bringing in staff members/profs that all adhere to this one ideology (at least on paper). Doesn't seem like diversity to me. Also creates a very intimidating environment for law students in the LGBTQ community when they know that ALL their profs, in positions of power, have signed a document adhering to this particular way of thinking. Officially, of course, there might not be any explicit form of discrimination, but I can see how under the table discrimination can happen. Again, as an anecdote, I've seen the aforementioned discrimination happen to people part of LGBTQ community at my school as well as allies with such a covenant in place.
  14. I don’t think OP is applying yet they’re just asking if they should redo the LSAT for a better shot at U of T.
  15. I converted it to the 4.33 scale
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