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  1. Looking for some advice about the Anishinaabe Law Camp. I'm an incoming 1L and the opportunity seems really interesting. Is missing classes this early in September ok? Anyone have any personal experience at the camp? Thanks in advance!
  2. eom818

    Deposit Payment Question

    Just an update, OASIS now says "paid" for my deposit payment. Seems it just takes awhile!
  3. For anyone who has already sent the tuition deposit to Osgoode, when did this show up on OASIS? I got the Canada Post tracking notification that my payment was received last week, but on OASIS it is still blank next to "Deposit Payment". Does it take a while to process?
  4. Got the e-mail this morning! Very excited to be moving to Toronto. GPA 3.81 LSAT 162 Went into queue Nov 15 Did not fill out Part B Good luck to everyone!
  5. Status changed to offer today!! I applied at the end of October, 162 LSAT 3.81 OLSAS GPA
  6. When did you apply if you don't mind me asking?
  7. eom818

    Chances - LSAT 162, cGPA 3.80, L2 3.81

    Do you think an exceptional Personal Statement and optional essay would help my chances at UofT? I've heard they place more emphasis on the personal statement since they don't look ay LORs
  8. Hi all! Just got my LSAT score today and thought I would add a chances post like everyone else. I currently go to Queen's (four year degree, double major in Political Studies and Religious Studies) and will be applying to uOttawa, Queen's, Osgoode, and UofT as well as UBC. My UBC-adjusted GPA is 84.08 with drops. I have some decent extra-curriculars, a government job and a research fellowship on my application. Also have some decent LORs but nothing out of this world. Thank you!