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  1. Hi everyone! Congrats to those accepted Just to let you know for future reference: the calls don't go out in alphabetical order! I met with the Senior Admissions Director and he said they are most definitely just random - simply based on the applications each admissions officer has in their pile. Hopefully that can quell some of the anxiety of waiting to hear.
  2. Accepted this morning too 164 LSAT about 85% GPA Hard program and hopefully good ECs?
  3. LOL true, although it's happened before with other schools... :$
  4. haha okay thank goodness. They said I would receive an offer package in the mail and an email in the next week, but I was expecting OLSAS to have changed. Thanks for the clarification
  5. For people who received the call, did your OLSAS change yet? Mine hasn't and I'm low-key scared they called the wrong person lol
  6. Just got the call! OLSAS isn't changed yet, and she said I'd be receiving an email in a few days. Was really not expecting to get in, but I guess they liked my LOR, PS, and I came from a pretty hard program. LSAT: 164 and GPA is about 85%
  7. While I don't have any personal anecdotes or advice, I can share with you what my mom told me when I wanted to a few years off before law school. She went to law school in her late 20s. She told me her big regret is not going when she was younger. When I said I wanted to wait before law, she was insistent I don't wait too long. At first, I thought she was crazy, but her thoughts made sense after awhile. She said that even if now I wasn't sure if I wanted to have married and have kids, life has a funny way of working out and working out in a way that ends up being disruptive to initial plans. She ended up working as a lawyer (and loving it) for only a few years before she decided to have kids. She took a few years off but found that re-entering the law field with only a few years of experience was insanely difficult. Also, my mom's tale of warning doesn't account for the debt or trying to manage kids while law school (or after law school, where the first few years as an associate are long hours of grunt work). You know you and your life objectives, but this is just something to consider!
  8. I'm not sure, but email admissions and ask! I had a few questions regarding GPA calculations etc and they were super nice and helpful
  9. Hi everyone I'm new here so hopefully I'm doing this right.... Two Questions: (1) My stats are 86.5% average (with drops; self-calculated) and 164 LSAT. UBC is my top choice and I know the median LSAT is 166/167... do you think it's necessary to re-write in December ? (2) How do people know (or are they just assuming?) UBC uses an index system? I couldn't find anything about it on their website! Thanks for your insight in advance, and hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving!
  10. Hi Ryn! I used your UBC GPA calculator, and my GPA with drops is less than my GPA without drops. Can you account for this? Or do you know if I could then ask them not to drop...? CGPA (without drops): 86.23 CGPA (with drops): 85.31
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