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  1. Saw the other day that ZSA has raised and/or altered its Calgary scale significantly, indicating that 1st year associates are now being paid 95-105? I was under the impression this is the neighbourhood 2nd year associates were being paid after jan/feb bump. Also, it seems like the scale has shifted to be more in line with Toronto with respect to how these salaries scale. Wondering if anyone can corroborate this shift or provide any insight? http://www.zsa.ca/salaries/
  2. Different markets but makes sense with the pay increases in most of the other major centers, especially if Vancouver is going up. The economy has rebounded a lot in the past 12 months, saw the conference board of canada projected something like 6.7% gdp growth for berta' this year. Plus for westerners, bit of an ego hit having starting salaries fall behind... Montreal
  3. I've been told ZSA gives a solid ballpark range. http://www.zsa.ca/salaries/
  4. Any chance the alleged pay bump in Toronto would have any knock on effect in Calgary, ie. pressure to bump salaries as well?
  5. Can anyone confirm the accuracy (or not) of the salaries listed by zsa for the bigger shops in Calgary (sisters + BJ's, Norton, Dentons, etc.) http://www.zsa.ca/salaries/
  6. At least some of the American Firms in Toronto at least start on the Cravath Scale as per NALP. http://www.nalpcanada.com/employer_profile?FormID=2914&QuestionTabID=46&SearchCondJSON={"SearchEmployerName"%3A"paul"} As much as I would love to see Toronto to 180, I would highly doubt bay street firms would be nearly doubling their first year associate salaries. Any further word on the bay street pay bump btw?
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