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  1. I'm a second year associate wondering what its like working at the big firms in Toronto (the seven sisters, litigation boutiques like Paliare Roland, Lenczner). I'm interested in litigation mainly. What are the hours like for second and third year associates? Is there any work life balance? How many partners do you work with? Would love to get some intel into whats its like working for these places. Please don't roast me, i'm genuinely curious!
  2. We've all heard about the ICE condo nightmare...do you guys have any insight on good condos, or ones to avoid? Thanks!
  3. I'm a second year associate. The partner I work for is getting older. I'm not sure when she plans on retiring and this is something that we've never spoken about. 100% of my work comes from this partner. My practice group is quite broad but I havent done any work for the other partners. What happens to me when she retires? Would I just start working for one of the other partners? Or would I have to start looking for a job elsewhere?
  4. Hi friends, its me OP. This thread has just gotten out of control. It's clear that the discussion shouldnt be a fight about who the seven sisters are - instead, I was looking for an insight into daily life at the firms I listed. If anyone still has input on this, I'd appreciate it
  5. Hi! Does anyone have insight into the headings at a firm's Iridium timekeeper overview? (i.e.: What the "Hours billed YTD, Billable Hours YTD, work realization, billed realization, fees worked YTD, fees billed YTD mean, and what is the difference between them)? The Iridium webpage doesnt help. Thank you!
  6. Hi!, I am thinking of applying to work at one of the seven sisters in commercial litigation, and move from a much smaller firm. Can anyone provide any insight into the hours that young associates currently fill at Fasken, BLG, Dentons, and Torys (what time do you guys generally log on and log off/day )? Also, I tried finding the salaries by year for these firms, but havent been able to so if anyone could post the links to previous discussions on this or contribute, I'd appreciate it!
  7. General lit, mid sized firm in toronto!
  8. Thanks guys! This is really helpful. I didnt mean to sound whiny, because I know as a first year, your job is to tough it out, be concise, and adapt. I was just wondering whether the disorganized nature of the partner was something thats typical. Im from a mid-sized firm.
  9. What is a typical bonus? When are bonuses given (December? January?) and how do firms decide how much to give a person?
  10. Hi guys, I'm in my first year of practice and work for a partner in litigation. I find the job quite stressful- everyday, I am getting assignments done, sending it to the Partner with no response, and then she calls me back like hours later without warning asking to revise the assignment. I understand she's busy, but she doesnt set up times to review stuff, and just bombards me at her will. Also, sometimes I will send her an email, she wont read it thoroughly, and gets mad that I didnt resolve something when I drew it to her attention in that email. I'm just wondering if this is normal? Is this how you guys work from home? I find it really difficult and it drives my anxiety up knowing that any minute I can expect a call about a document, but I don't know when that call will come. How are things at other firms? Is this just the nature of the practice? Any insight would be appreciated!
  11. I am currently articling and a lot of my friends are clerking next year, or from my understanding, the year after. I thought that you can only clerk the year you are technically supposed to be doing your articles. Is this the case or can you clerk anytime? Thanks!
  12. My plan was to live with my parents until I finished articling and then put a down payment on a condo as an investment the minute i get hireback..i'm not confident that i'll get hired back but with the recent crisis, i'm not sure what my best move is. Should I buy now when my articling term ends ? Wait longer until the market crashes (or perhaps does not crash)? Just looking for some thoughts here!
  13. thanks! when you say i will be able to start the action after that date, do you mean that once the suspension period ends, the clock for bring a claim starts?
  14. I'm talking about the Order just issued by the Province under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act which suspends all limitation periods under any statute, regulation, rule or by-law for the duration of the state of emergency, retroactive to March 16, 2020.
  15. Hi! I am an articling student at a large firm and I'm having a real hard time deciding whether i want to be a solicitor or litigator. I've tried both and i enjoy different aspects of them. With respect to litigation, I love writing but the research makes me so mentally exhausted sometimes. I also really like the idea of going to court and getting out of the office here and there and advocacy is something that scares me but strangely i like it. However sometimes i find litigation a bit of a headache - lots of documents to go through and a huge process to follow, and one of the associates i've been working with has made things really difficult because she flops back and forth before approving my work and she's busy 24/7. With respect to corporate law, I've helped out with a couple of private placements and share purchase transactions and I just found them okay. Tbh I find the work a lot more easier and less exhausting than litigation. One lawyer at my firm also does a lot of corporate advisory work which again is a lot easier than litigation and I really like working with her, but another articling student has sort of already partnered up with the partner, so i'm not sure there would be room for me. In law school, I always pictured myself being a litigator and perhaps working for a litigation boutique one day, but now im not sure what is best for me. I'm not sure if I'm thinking about corporate because i like working with the partner above, or because i genuinely like the work. I also fear that if that partner were to leave the firm (or if i were to leave the firm), i wouldnt be able to find the kind of corporate work i like elsewhere. I also think about work/life balance - do litigators always work around the clock? I'm not sure if this is an articling student thing or a forever thing... Do you have any ideas that would help me figure this out? thoughts? thanks in advance!
  16. I am currently articling and would love to know what I can do now to make myself more marketable. Thoughts?
  17. Do associates at boutique litigation firms (i.e. Polley Faith, Babbin Bessner Spry, Henein Hutchinson, etc) make the same amount as those on Bay street ? How do their salaries compare with respect to bonuses, etc?
  18. As an incoming articling student, I find it hard to relate to older associates and partners. Lawyers : at firm social events, do you prefer when students talk to you about your practice or your social life ? Is there anything you secretly roll your eyes at? I understand that generally any topic is good and keeping a conversation is a big part of practicing the law - but any tips would be appreciated!
  19. I'm looking for somewhere I can go to pickup food quickly before heading back to the office in the evening...or even order!
  20. I'm wondering if you guys know of any good places to grab healthy food quick around Bay/Financial district when working late. I know Marche near Union is usually a good bet, but other places (like those in the First Canadian Place) seem to close at 5 pm.
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