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  1. I am currently articling and a lot of my friends are clerking next year, or from my understanding, the year after. I thought that you can only clerk the year you are technically supposed to be doing your articles. Is this the case or can you clerk anytime? Thanks!
  2. My plan was to live with my parents until I finished articling and then put a down payment on a condo as an investment the minute i get hireback..i'm not confident that i'll get hired back but with the recent crisis, i'm not sure what my best move is. Should I buy now when my articling term ends ? Wait longer until the market crashes (or perhaps does not crash)? Just looking for some thoughts here!
  3. thanks! when you say i will be able to start the action after that date, do you mean that once the suspension period ends, the clock for bring a claim starts?
  4. I'm talking about the Order just issued by the Province under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act which suspends all limitation periods under any statute, regulation, rule or by-law for the duration of the state of emergency, retroactive to March 16, 2020.
  5. Hi! I am an articling student at a large firm and I'm having a real hard time deciding whether i want to be a solicitor or litigator. I've tried both and i enjoy different aspects of them. With respect to litigation, I love writing but the research makes me so mentally exhausted sometimes. I also really like the idea of going to court and getting out of the office here and there and advocacy is something that scares me but strangely i like it. However sometimes i find litigation a bit of a headache - lots of documents to go through and a huge process to follow, and one of the associates i've been working with has made things really difficult because she flops back and forth before approving my work and she's busy 24/7. With respect to corporate law, I've helped out with a couple of private placements and share purchase transactions and I just found them okay. Tbh I find the work a lot more easier and less exhausting than litigation. One lawyer at my firm also does a lot of corporate advisory work which again is a lot easier than litigation and I really like working with her, but another articling student has sort of already partnered up with the partner, so i'm not sure there would be room for me. In law school, I always pictured myself being a litigator and perhaps working for a litigation boutique one day, but now im not sure what is best for me. I'm not sure if I'm thinking about corporate because i like working with the partner above, or because i genuinely like the work. I also fear that if that partner were to leave the firm (or if i were to leave the firm), i wouldnt be able to find the kind of corporate work i like elsewhere. I also think about work/life balance - do litigators always work around the clock? I'm not sure if this is an articling student thing or a forever thing... Do you have any ideas that would help me figure this out? thoughts? thanks in advance!
  6. I am currently articling and would love to know what I can do now to make myself more marketable. Thoughts?
  7. Do associates at boutique litigation firms (i.e. Polley Faith, Babbin Bessner Spry, Henein Hutchinson, etc) make the same amount as those on Bay street ? How do their salaries compare with respect to bonuses, etc?
  8. As an incoming articling student, I find it hard to relate to older associates and partners. Lawyers : at firm social events, do you prefer when students talk to you about your practice or your social life ? Is there anything you secretly roll your eyes at? I understand that generally any topic is good and keeping a conversation is a big part of practicing the law - but any tips would be appreciated!
  9. I'm looking for somewhere I can go to pickup food quickly before heading back to the office in the evening...or even order!
  10. I'm wondering if you guys know of any good places to grab healthy food quick around Bay/Financial district when working late. I know Marche near Union is usually a good bet, but other places (like those in the First Canadian Place) seem to close at 5 pm.
  11. Titled: 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V. Includes Preptests 62-71, 10 Previously administered LSAT's with Comparative Reading Questions. Please message if interested!
  12. Unlocked. Please message if interested - in Toronto.
  13. I know there used to be a thread titled "We're starting articles soon...give us advice!" Does anyone have a link to it? It disappeared and I can't find it. If it doesnt exist anymore, can we start a new thread?
  14. Grazy - do you work at a large Bay St firm? I'm wondering if all firms have different processes.
  15. How does the process work for most biglaw firms? Do all the partners meet in a room and discuss candidates and take a general majority vote? Are associates involved? Do firms generally decide on what practice areas need to be covered and then decide which articling student could fill that gap as an associate? Do firms take into account how much you as a student cost them (i.e. for meal expenses) and do they look at your docketed hours?
  16. Are the questions for professional responsibility interspersed within sections related to civil litigation, criminal, family, or are they in a separate section on their own? Also: does anyone know what the order of sections is? I.e.: Criminal, civil lit, family, public law?
  17. For those of you who have written the bar, 1) Did you always find the answers in the materials? I've done some practice tests and find it hard to always find the answer in the materials - i'm tempted to just guess based on my own knowledge - is this something you did? 2) Did you use OLE's indices? the detailed table of contents? whats the best way to find answers fast?
  18. So how would the salaries for the following compare for an associate or partner at: a top Toronto litigation boutique a Biglaw full service Bay Street firm a midsized Toronto firm an IP firm a PI boutique Crown Counsel? Also, do corporate lawyers make more or less than litigation lawyers? I realize this question does not make much sense because it might be dependant on the actual work they do and the firm they work for, but I'm trying to get a general idea of what different lawyers make. The ZSA website is not very helpful TBH.
  19. General litigation? IP matters? Does it really vary from one to another?
  20. I know this varies GREATLY in reality. But how much does an associate or partner make at a well-established litigation boutique compared to a Bay street big firm associate or partner? How does this compare to someone working on their own (like Froese Law in Toronto)? Thanks!
  21. Does this mean that you are going to clerk after you article? Do firms guarantee associate positions to articled clerks?
  22. I know that Toronto tends to be busy for writing the bar (i.e.: I've heard it takes about 7 hours to get everyone seated and writing the exams). But are there other benefits to writing outside Toronto? Are the exams marked the same across the board? For example, is it easier to pass the bar in Ottawa because there are less people writing or something like that? Thanks!
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