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  1. Grazy - do you work at a large Bay St firm? I'm wondering if all firms have different processes.
  2. How does the process work for most biglaw firms? Do all the partners meet in a room and discuss candidates and take a general majority vote? Are associates involved? Do firms generally decide on what practice areas need to be covered and then decide which articling student could fill that gap as an associate? Do firms take into account how much you as a student cost them (i.e. for meal expenses) and do they look at your docketed hours?
  3. Are the questions for professional responsibility interspersed within sections related to civil litigation, criminal, family, or are they in a separate section on their own? Also: does anyone know what the order of sections is? I.e.: Criminal, civil lit, family, public law?
  4. For those of you who have written the bar, 1) Did you always find the answers in the materials? I've done some practice tests and find it hard to always find the answer in the materials - i'm tempted to just guess based on my own knowledge - is this something you did? 2) Did you use OLE's indices? the detailed table of contents? whats the best way to find answers fast?
  5. So how would the salaries for the following compare for an associate or partner at: a top Toronto litigation boutique a Biglaw full service Bay Street firm a midsized Toronto firm an IP firm a PI boutique Crown Counsel? Also, do corporate lawyers make more or less than litigation lawyers? I realize this question does not make much sense because it might be dependant on the actual work they do and the firm they work for, but I'm trying to get a general idea of what different lawyers make. The ZSA website is not very helpful TBH.
  6. General litigation? IP matters? Does it really vary from one to another?
  7. I know this varies GREATLY in reality. But how much does an associate or partner make at a well-established litigation boutique compared to a Bay street big firm associate or partner? How does this compare to someone working on their own (like Froese Law in Toronto)? Thanks!
  8. Does this mean that you are going to clerk after you article? Do firms guarantee associate positions to articled clerks?
  9. I know that Toronto tends to be busy for writing the bar (i.e.: I've heard it takes about 7 hours to get everyone seated and writing the exams). But are there other benefits to writing outside Toronto? Are the exams marked the same across the board? For example, is it easier to pass the bar in Ottawa because there are less people writing or something like that? Thanks!
  10. Hello! I apologize if this is a very obvious question but I couldn't find the answer on the Law Society website - is the call to the bar the June after you write your bar exams? I.e.: if I am graduating law school this year (2019) and writing my Bar in June, will I be called to the Bar the following June? This year's dates are found here: https://lso.ca/getdoc/fd54c830-13c3-40aa-99f9-a9f39c4b2261/call-to-the-bar-dates,-times-and-locations
  11. I understand we get our prep materials 6 weeks before the exam and everything we need to know should be there...but would you guys recommend taking any specific law school courses? Real estate? Secured transactions? Family? Tax?
  12. I’m looking to get wifi for my apartment in sandy hill
  13. I would love to hear your thoughts about these profs and courses - did the exams reflect the material covered? Trusts - Janet Kasun Securities - MacGregor Corporate Finance - Vasudev International Commercial Arbitration - Daimsis Legal Drafting - Keyes Tax - MacGregor IP - Gloor, Caron, O'Neill Patent - Ingram, Garland Remedies - Roland Nadler Secured Transactions - Andrew Pritchard
  14. The apartment is a 3 minute walk to the University of Ottawa campus and a 15 minute walk to the downtown core. Message me if interested!
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