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  1. I had two A-'s, one B, rest B+'s in 1L at uottawa. Got 1 OCI, no call backs. To echo above, it's about much more than grades. Don't worry. Pass/fail if it feels right, I certainly did. Less time worrying about that grade gave me more time to network etc. Try your best and good things will come!
  2. I will be clerking after articling next year! I think clerking will be valuable to have on my resume as I want to go into the specific field that my clerkship mainly covers (the FC so immigration/refugee law). I'm not worried about the salary because the salary is fine.. it's more than a living wage and if you're that worried about it, don't apply to clerk. I agree that it's not a detriment to your career, in my view a clerkship is highly valuable. I think that after articling + clerking, having both experiences will be an excellent start to my career. If you're at a big firm now that you don't think they will appreciate you leaving to clerk, then either (a) that's not a firm you want to be at or (b) you want to figure out if your values align with theirs and whether you agree that clerking is valuable or not. I had a firm reject me for articling simply because I had applied to clerk, not even landed the clerkship yet. Then I was hired at a firm where they were impressed I even had the credentials to apply to clerk, and they were very happy for me once I got the clerkship after being hired. Look at whether your firm has former clerks, that might tell you a lot (my current firm does). If you're really keen on getting the clerking experience I wouldn't care about "traditional" career paths or what certain firms may think of this decision. If you're not really keen on clerking, don't try again i.e. don't do it just for prestige.
  3. the good news is the people you competed with in OCI recruit is cut down because of people who were successful in OCIs and got hired back for articling the bad news is it's still competitive and from my experience there's less students being hired at firms for articling than for summer (articling is a bigger/longer commitment for firms). some students from OCI recruit who were successful also still want a change and participate in articling recruit so... it's very competitive, not unlike OCIs. however, there are more articling positions and opportunities than summer student positions, from what i've seen.
  4. just a note that not all judges are men
  5. I heard from the FC today. Good luck to everyone!! wondering if anyone can confirm 100% that FC interviews and selection goes into June though? It seems to be wishy washy in this thread. Wondering for my good friend who also applied.
  6. I got a C+ on the memo (which was our midterm) as well and got my final mark up to a B. Don't worry. You'll do better in other classes and even if you don't, your life is not over, your career is not over, your future is still bright. When you're practicing/done law school you'll look back wondering why you spent so much time caring about this awful class. I will say though, lol, we learn some really useful stuff in that class that you should pay attention to - but the grade is not indicative of what you've learned.
  7. Anyone know for the FC if they send a rejection email or does silence = rejection?
  8. Hi - I just received an articling position from a pure cold email, the firm had never hired an articling student before and they had no posting for a student. I was lucky that the prof I'm RA-ing for now knows the firm/lawyers so I name-dropped. Don't give up on cold emails!! I got 3 interviews from cold emails and one offer from it. I've been cold emailing since November or October. Set a goal and cold email every day. Ask profs for recommendations on firms who work in the field you're interested in, some firms do great work but don't have a great online presence or are hard to find. Re LPP: I've heard bad things and good things. A colleague of mine did the LPP and got hired back at the same government organization that she did the LPP placement with. On the other hand, a mentor of mine on bay st said in his view, the LPP just doesn't prepare you like articling does. In terms of future postings: I've heard from many articling students and new calls that basically everyone ends up finding a position (supposedly). Lots of really great students don't get a position until the end of the summer and still get to start on the same route as the people who got positions during recruit or before the summer. Keep hope!
  9. I second this. I actually applied to NPSIA and Ottawa JD (common law) separately, thinking I had no chance of getting into the JD program. Got into JD program and declined my NPSIA acceptance. Later I found out about the dual JD-NPSIA program (around summer before 1L) and someone in the program told me I could contact NPSIA and ask to enrol again anyway especially because they were supposedly short on students at the time - this was 2018. They seem pretty chill. I didn't end up doing it though simply because I didn't want the one extra year of school
  10. I get that this is for SCC but I might suggest using the logic from the FC/FCA applications which was this: there is no benefit to submitting two writing samples unless one is in English and one is in French
  11. no idea. will find out on Friday when they send it I guess lol
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