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  1. Still struggling!!! Checking kijiji every day and all the FB groups! Everything goes so quickly and whatever is left over is not to my preferences.
  2. Hi everyone, Anyone have any tips on finding a room or bachelor apartment to rent in Ottawa - preferably Centretown or Sandy Hill area unless you can convince me otherwise? Had a few places fall through - and I'm definitely getting anxious as it's so close to the beginning of the school year. I don't know what else I can do other than refreshing Kijiji constantly. No matter how quickly I respond to an ad, they always seem to find someone else. It's driving me crazy! Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. How do I know who to believe 😫
  4. Hi all! I'm an incoming 1L confused about getting a line of credit - I'm looking to get Scotiabank but I'm wondering whether I should go to a Scotia near Ottawa, or in Toronto where I live? Does it make a difference? Does anyone have a link or the contact information for the Scotia rep for the school? I know I saw it somewhere but now I can't seem to find it! Do I have to go in person or can it all be done through email or phone? Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi everyone! Let me just say this forum is a lifesaver! I'm applying to multiple schools but one of them is definitely Windsor. They need a non-academic reference and I'm having trouble choosing one. I don't have experience in the legal sector in any form. I have three options, can I get some help picking one that's the most appropriate? 1. Professor I did research for - I never took a course by this prof but I was a research assistant for her for a couple of months. Firstly, I'm not sure if she knows me well enough after only two or three months of work. Secondly, I'm worried she would be confused as an academic reference. 2. My employer - I work in retail and my store has recently (in the past two months) switched owners. She is a pharmacist and seems extremely energetic and academic, I have already impressed immensely in front of our V.P but my problem is also that I'm not sure if she knows me well enough to be willing to write one. 3. People I have babysat for - these are close(ish) friends of mine that I have worked for over 10 years. One parent is a credible engineer and I know they would be willing to write me a letter, and can testify to my community service - but not really in an academic manner. But, I've heard that asking people who have known you for too long might not play well. I would appreciate any insight! Thanks everyone!
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