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  1. Recruits are all lucked based. You could have perfect grades and still not get a position. Just apply.
  2. Yes I've heard someone got an interview with them for this upcoming week.
  3. I've heard that people have heard back already. Interviews this week. Best of luck!
  4. Thank you! The thing is, my school posted their posting on October 8 i.e. after the recruitment application deadline... So I feel like it's sketchy and they must have hired someone through interview week?
  5. Did anyone apply to Bell Temple LLP as part of the formal Toronto recruitment process? My school's website has their due date listed for November 7 (tomorrow) but I've heard that some people interviewed with them during interview week?
  6. sorry ur right, good luck to us all ❤️
  7. go back in time and drop out ❤️ That's what I'm doing
  8. Anyone know how much (or approximately how much) the City of Toronto pays their articling students? TIA!
  9. Hi all, I would appreciate some feedback from people who have secured positions from recruit - should I be disheartened if one firm offered me an interview on the second day while another offered me one on the first day? i.e. are my chances of securing the position lower if I don't have an interview on the first day with the first firm? TIA!
  10. Any updates on whether anyone’s heard from Green and Speigel? And what about Goldblatt Partners?
  11. Still struggling!!! Checking kijiji every day and all the FB groups! Everything goes so quickly and whatever is left over is not to my preferences.
  12. Hi everyone, Anyone have any tips on finding a room or bachelor apartment to rent in Ottawa - preferably Centretown or Sandy Hill area unless you can convince me otherwise? Had a few places fall through - and I'm definitely getting anxious as it's so close to the beginning of the school year. I don't know what else I can do other than refreshing Kijiji constantly. No matter how quickly I respond to an ad, they always seem to find someone else. It's driving me crazy! Thanks in advance for any help!
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