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  1. I ended up deferring until 2019 since I'm doing a combined degree. Best of luck, everyone!
  2. So excited that I finally get to reply to this topic! Accepted this afternoon! I got an informal e-mail from Rose. My stats are cGPA 4.12 LSAT 157 (Feb '18) 150 (Dec '17) Maritime-ish (originally from Ontario, but I've lived in NS for the past 4 years... I'm not sure whether they considered me a resident or not)
  3. Fingers crossed that we hear back soon!
  4. Have you heard back yet? My stats are similar and I'm still waiting. I only applied around the end of February though.
  5. Hey guys, I would love to hear from people with anxiety/depression who have gone through law school talk about their experiences/troubles/things they wish they had known going in/etc. I've been on anti-depressants for a few years now and I feel like I've mostly got things under control but it's definitely a concern. What was your experience like?
  6. I'm in the same boat. According to the application website, all of my documents were received but I didn't actually get one of those "your application is complete and under review" e-mails. I'm guessing it's because they probably got a shitload of apps on and around the deadline. THE WAITING IS KILLING ME!!!
  7. Anyone applying to the JC/MLIS combined degree program this year? Or if anyone currently enrolled in the program can offer any insight about the program, that would be great!