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  1. Watched but not enough that I can say I understand it completely.
  2. How do they decide who gets in off the waitlist when a spot becomes available if they are not ranked?
  3. Do people actually get accepted through the waitlist?
  4. Waitlisted L2: 3.95~ Lsat 144 151 Accepted at TRU; hoping for U of A though.. looking at this, I would be one of the last to be contacted from the waitlist Goodluck everyone
  5. Is the class of 2022 Facebook group up?
  6. Is it going to be difficult to obtain employment in the big law firms of Vancouver or Calgary If I graduate from TRU?
  7. Some insight would be great as I have lived in Calgary for a long time now.
  8. You're right, the second time I took the lsat I studied for 31 days, fully
  9. Would you say, that my chances in U of A is close to slim even at their holistic admissions? Rose from Dal has emailed me as well that although my LSAT is not within their competitive range, my GPA is competitive and my circumstances will allow me to participate in their interview process.
  10. I am from Alberta, wishing to practice in Calgary or Vancouver. I am just ecstatic right now because before I re-wrote the LSAT the second time, I applied in the UK and was accepted to the 5 schools. I will probably just accept it on April 1, as the deadline is April 8.
  11. I received an offer from TRU but it is not my first choice, u of a and dal has said I would be considered in their special consideration because of high GPA and special circumstances, is it wise to just accept it or take my chances with these 2 schools?
  12. I got accepted into tru today, now I'm wondering whether to accept or wait for u of a and dal(interview) they said because of my competitive GPA and my circumstances rose said she suspects that km going to get interviewed
  13. Received acceptance today 3.97/4 l2 3.74 cgpa
  14. 3.94 l2 and 144, 151 LSAT, was notified that I'm more than likely would be considered with the holistic review because of having a baby that I take care of,financial difficulties, high debt load etc.
  15. I am just wondering if anyone has ever gotten in with a 151 at U of C?
  16. Unfortunately, I do not have good EC's nor work experience as I am taking care of a baby full-time. There is unfortunately no time to have EC extensively. I did volunteer as director of public relations of an organization that supports ex sex workers to get out of the trade.
  17. I just received my LSAT and it was 151. I am sorry for many of the posts about very similar things. Now that I have all the stats, I am wondering whether I have realistic chances of getting into law school with the schools I have applied to: Dalhousie Law (Rose, said, if I cannot improve my 144, I will be considered for possible interview because of my circumstances: applied as Regular), U of S (applied as special access), U of C, U of A and Thompson Rivers I have only received an indication that my application was under review by Dal (Rose emailed me). Others have been just "complete" Thanks
  18. I also received an email from U of A, from one of their admissions staff that if I was to bring my average LSAT to around ~150, I may have a shot at their holistic admissions as they were admitting people under holistics admissions with those scores and my GPA
  19. I was emailed by Dalhousie University after inquiring, spoke with Rose, she mentioned that if my score did not improve or did not significantly improve, I will be considered for an interview. I am unsure of what that would entail.
  20. LSAT prep test volume 6 with 72-81. Objectives as in what intend to practice? if so, I want to become a crown prosecutor. I spent better part of 2 months to study leading up to this January test. My 144 was because I did not put in the effort I really wanted to. I have put in maybe 1 practice test and games here and there which is obviously reflected with a very low LSAT
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