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  1. I just received an email that Canada student loan is now offering 6 month grace period and prime interest for all students. Alberta student loan for law student has a lifetime maximum of 125k and at prime. All floating rates. Just thought I'd share
  2. Does anyone know how to transfer from a BC school to u of a for my 2l? I'm starting 1l this fall.
  3. Tuition difference is negligible. I dont have any connections to BC. However, Calgary would be my end goal.
  4. I am currently choosing between 2. I am hoping to work for big law in Calgary or Vancouver. I am wondering where, if need be, is more likely to be advantageous in terms of my goal? Thanks in advance
  5. Do I apply with Alberta student loan even if I'm going to BC?
  6. It's probably a rejection letter for me. I have not heard since I have applied. 3.95 151 Considering that acceptance and waitlists are trickling in.
  7. I am still waiting. I am losing hope as well. My stats: cGPA 3.72 B2 3.95 LSAT 151 (2nd take) Decent LOR and EC Applied as discretionary
  8. Watched but not enough that I can say I understand it completely.
  9. How do they decide who gets in off the waitlist when a spot becomes available if they are not ranked?
  10. Do people actually get accepted through the waitlist?
  11. Waitlisted L2: 3.95~ Lsat 144 151 Accepted at TRU; hoping for U of A though.. looking at this, I would be one of the last to be contacted from the waitlist Goodluck everyone
  12. Is the class of 2022 Facebook group up?
  13. Is it going to be difficult to obtain employment in the big law firms of Vancouver or Calgary If I graduate from TRU?
  14. Some insight would be great as I have lived in Calgary for a long time now.
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