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  1. Just to clarify, is the 7sage online? I was planning to order the powerscore bibles but now after reading everyones comments, I am conflicted. I already took a class so I have the fundamentals down but I am looking to improve my score. Thanks!!!
  2. CAK

    myUWindsor not working

    Just out of curiosity, when you click on the documents and tests tab under your application, does it say if your requirements are satisfied? All of mine say "No" although my application was clearly received from OLSAS since a profile was made. Thank you.
  3. Hey everyone, I am just checking my OLSAS GPA calculations and there is a section in the summary called "values". I am not quite sure what this is and was hoping someone could clarify. Thanks!
  4. Just wondering if anyone else has still not yet received an email from Windsor (single JD). Thanks!
  5. CAK

    confirmation of application

    I haven't received anything from them yet
  6. I emailed them yesterday and can keep you updated on the response!
  7. I have checked everywhere but have not seen anything yet... I have heard from a lot of people that they have received something from Windsor though, so maybe I should send them an email.
  8. I haven't received any emails for Western, Osgoode, or Windsor. I think some schools just take more time
  9. This may be a silly question, but since I overloaded in 3rd and 4th year (I took 1 additional course each semester), would Calgary take exactly my last 20 courses on my transcript or take over 20 credits (my L2)?
  10. At my school as well, we had a course median set by the department in many of my classes, so it was difficult to receive a very high mark. Also, the program I enrolled in (social science) had a minimum cut-off of 84%, whereas some other schools had lower cut-offs in the low-mid 70s. So throughout my undergrad, I was competing against students who had higher averages out of high school making it more challenging. Had I gone to a school with a lower cutoff, I probably would have a higher GPA considering I would have been competing against students with lower averages out of high school. Schools obviously have to academically cater to their students, so if the majority of students at a school came in with a 75% average, the school can't make their curriculum extremely hard that everyone would do poorly, compared to a school where the average was say an 85%. I totally understand it would almost be impossible to consider as a factor for every student, I just thought maybe this would have a small factor in admissions.
  11. Just out of curiosity, do law schools have a ranking system/consider the university you went to? I know that they may look at the difficulty of courses when making a decision, but do they consider the difficulty/marking scheme of the school you went to? For example, the average cutoff for undergraduate programs at schools such as Western, Queen's, and McGill, tend to be higher than schools such as Windsor, Brock, etc (for most programs). So if someone has an 80% (sorry I don't know the GPA calculations) at a school that is more difficult in regards to marking per say, compared to an 84% at an easier school, would this having any bearing on your GPA/ law school admission? I do not mean to offend anyone, I am just genuinely curious. Thanks in advance!
  12. Where would I find this link for Windsor? I have checked my email but have not yet received anything from them. Thanks!
  13. Only the application has to be in by November 1st, and supporting documents by March 1st. I wouldn't worry about re-sending them just yet I would assume they are in but just not yet processed!