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  1. Hey, yeah I was asked to attend their breakfast. Do you know if this is standard or are we special haha?
  2. Hi all. What is generally considered the best practice? Should I leave the second day completely open for second interviews or should I book first interviews on the second day as well? I have around 10 ITCs right now so I'm wondering whether I should go ahead and tell some of the firms no, or whether I should book as many interviews as possible to maximize my chances. Thanks.
  3. Joeshmoe123

    Articling at a Bank

    I don't really know if I do at this point. Just kinda wondering what kind of career paths articling (and then hopefully) working at a bank's legal department would afford me in the future.
  4. Joeshmoe123

    Articling at a Bank

    Thanks for the reply! I figured it would be a good place to article. Do you think, for example, if I worked Legal at a Bank for 2-4 years and then tried for a big law firm job that I would have a realistic shot, or do they only hire individuals with private law practice experience?
  5. Joeshmoe123

    Articling at a Bank

    Hello all. I'm considering pursuing articling at a bank. Does anyone have any experience in this? What is it like compared to articling at a big law firm? What are the hours like? What are the salary ranges one can expect at a big six bank in Toronto?
  6. Joeshmoe123

    Networking Events in Toronto

    Hey all. I want to expand my professional network in Toronto. What are some good sources for discovering events where I can network with corporate lawyers in Toronto? Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Joeshmoe123

    Transferring to Another City Within Law Firms

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I signed a contract. Right now, I'm probably going to do my articles in Calgary like I said I would because they are probably already planning their summer students and all of that on the assumption that I am coming and it would be a bit of a dick move on my part if I suddenly wanted to change the plan. Curious to see what people think about a first year associate (assuming I get the hireback) and her chances at transferring to Toronto and whether that's something that is at all feasible. Assuming I don't get the hireback, do Bay Street firms hire people as first year associates, or do they typically just stick with their articling people and start hiring people with 3 to 5 years experience? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, really just trying to figure out my life.
  8. Recently, I secured an articling position [mod edit: with a firm at one of their offices outside of Toronto]. I was wondering, how do large firms look at people transferring to another city? If I wanted to transfer to do my articling in Toronto where I go to school, is this something that the firm could be open to, or is it a question that I should totally avoid asking because it could make them angry and revoke my articling offer? What about if I transferred to Toronto after my articling, assuming I am hired back? Is this possible, or is the expectation that when you are hired, you are hired to work in a particular office location and transferring is something that rarely or never happens? Any insight or advice on people that have transferred to a different office locations within a firm would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Hello all, I'm looking for in-house summer legal employment in Toronto this summer. I am a 2L. Does anyone know any companies that offer summer legal jobs for students In Toronto? I'm thinking along the lines of banks, large companies, crown corporations etc. I know they're out there, but I guess I just suck at using Google and haven't been able to find a whole lot. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.