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  1. Hi! Message me if you are still looking for a place to live! I have one remaining room available to rent immediately. Thanks
  2. Hi guys! I am starting IL Dual this September. I am looking for a roommate (preferably female in Dual JD or single Single) to share the house with me. You will get your own private room, washroom, parking and utilities included. The house is renovated top to bottom and super clean! P.s I forgot to mention that you can move in as early as August! FYI - The house is super close to all facilities, especially the US tunnel. Let me know! See you all in September!
  3. If anyone can kindly shed some light on this that would be highly appreciated.
  4. Some people just don't enrol until later for some reason (maybe they are lazy?), as per an Ottawa rep I spoke to a few days ago. But yes, 10 as a buffer is reasonable.
  5. 59 is a good number, but it is not necessary that everybody who has accepted their offer to uOttawa actually enrolled online. The online fb page (not that it means much, but still) has 243 members (give or take) PLUS 59 open seats = 302 (which is a reasonable sum). So the online 59 could be indicative of something positive! I am being super optimistic at this point.
  6. LOL..true..but I really want to go to Ottawa! Tough decision!
  7. Exactly! The program is just expensive and the return is not that huge!... on the other hand, I can put my year to use and start law school in Sept. I am still on the Windsor single JD waitlist...
  8. Hi guys! I don't know how to feel about my Offer from Windsor for DUAL JD with an expiry of July 11. I got the good news yesterday, but I am extremely confused! My original ranking on the waitlist with uOttawa is 51 and given the recent movement, I have probably moved up in my ranking. I am confused as to what I should do - wait for uOttawa or accept Windsor dual offer? I hate being in this position. If I get into Ottawa I can move last minute no problem! At the same time, I don't want to gamble away my offer with Windsor....what to do!
  9. Thank you @micahprt ! It is interesting that the deadline for deposit is before the deadline to accept
  10. Hi @micahprt what is your deadline to accept the offer?
  11. Yes, exactly! On that note, I am #51 and no change for me yet - just FYI.
  12. I am on the waitlist still for both programs.
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