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  1. MinesAndMinerals

    SLOC - Basically no clue

    You will be ok. If you’re thinking Scotiabank, call either your local representative or the representative for your school from the this list.
  2. Learn, no. Grasp sufficiently to regurgitate on a 100% exam? Very, very possible. I’m of the view that all exams test is law school test-taking ability. Sure, you need to have a grasp of the law and it’s nuances but two weeks is a lot of time.
  3. MinesAndMinerals

    2L Summer (2019) Recruit PFOs/ITCs

    I’ve always referred to networking as being a normal human being and remain mystified by those who think otherwise. I think implying that networking is this separate and distinct think from general relationship building is harmful to less privileged students since literally the only people who refer to being a normal human being as networking are professionals.
  4. MinesAndMinerals

    Rural lawyering pay

    I guess I’m an elitist snob.
  5. MinesAndMinerals

    Privilege is...

    When I go to the grocery store, I buy whatever I want. I’ve even recently stopped obsessively calculating unit prices. Similarly, I order three courses at restaurants since I figure I might as well enjoy myself in the moment if I’m out already. Cf. it’d have been absurd to ask for soda at a restaurant when I was a kid since I knew damn well that water comes free.
  6. MinesAndMinerals

    Interests Section

    Possibly the greatest television show in the history of television.
  7. MinesAndMinerals

    Drafting a Master Service Agreement

    You, a future lawyer, inquired about how much to charge for unethical and illegal services. I’d cut epeeist some slack for being a little indignant.
  8. MinesAndMinerals

    Start time/Info from firm re articling

    I would suggest a quick email to the Student Coordinator’s assistant.
  9. MinesAndMinerals

    Improving Grades in 2L

    I found pre writing useful for condensing legal tests as much as possible. I would edit it down every time I went over my outline to cut out extraneous words/verbiage. Perhaps the value was not in the prewriting but in that I knew the test cold by the time it came to write the exam.
  10. MinesAndMinerals

    USask vs Dalhousie vs TRU

    I have family in Kamloops and always found it delightful. But I’m also a country boy at heart. I can’t think of anything less objective than where an individual would enjoy living. I lived in NYC for 9 months recently and hated it around 75% of the time. I lived in a tiny village in rural America for undergrad and only hated it around 50% of the time. YMMV, obviously.
  11. MinesAndMinerals

    Stuff to Bring to Law School

    I had this problem with my windows desktop that was purchased solely for the purpose of dual screening. My solution was to buy a MacBook stand for my laptop and one of those lil HDMI dongle things. I can now basically have three full browser windows open between the two screens. I usually use the smaller laptop screen to keep static/less used windows open eg music, a scratchpad doc for notes, a statute/document that I keep referring back to every so often while I do most of my active work on the main monitor.
  12. MinesAndMinerals

    Why is osgoode & UofT so expensive?

    They’re good schools but not worth the money. Getting a job is a highly individualized endeavour and not at all a matter of playing percentages.
  13. MinesAndMinerals

    University of Alberta vs University of Victoria

    AFAIK students in Alberta can do far more as law students than in any other jurisdiction eg run trials in cases where the Crown isn’t seeking jail time.
  14. MinesAndMinerals

    Bay Street Bonuses

    Mine as well. It’s an incredibly complex point system that isn’t “all tied to the amount of client revenue” generated.
  15. MinesAndMinerals

    divorce and court

    soon, only 7/5 hockey games in Ontario will make it to rink