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  1. MinesAndMinerals

    Here is My Situation... (3.01, 3.5, 149)

    It’s extremely unlikely that you’ll get into a Canadian law school. You know this.
  2. MinesAndMinerals

    You're in Biglaw and you LOVE IT!

    1) Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Not really.
  3. MinesAndMinerals

    JD in Canada vs USA

    I’m ignorant about IP practices in general but how many “professional consultants in intellectual property law for start-up medical tech companies” are there? And what’s relevant to being hired as one (whether by a consultancy firm or a client)? Is it jurisdiction-specific IP legal knowledge? Is it real-world experience as an IP lawyer representing medical companies? Is it technical scientific knowledge? I think your ambitions are too specific for any general advice to be overly helpful. I would urge when deciding you to strongly consider what (if any) alternative career outcomes would appeal to you if your specific goal doesn’t pan out.
  4. I know many law firms have GCs, maybe this type of position is what OP is referring to?
  5. MinesAndMinerals

    Ask a 1L - USask Edition

    U of S is not the best option for jobs in Calgary.... but it’s not a bad option.
  6. MinesAndMinerals

    Political View Biases at Universities

    To be fair, this is more an observable fact than a partisan opinion.
  7. MinesAndMinerals

    U of A vs U of C

    I would look at the Calgary large firm websites articling student profiles to get an idea of where the students come from. Although there may be a bit of selection bias since presumably more UofA students want to come south than vice-versa (i.e UofC may be overrepresented since UofC students are more likely to want to practice in Calgary in the first place). There were 8 UofC students and 0 UofA students when I summered at a large international firm in Calgary. FWIW it could be the opposite at the firm next door, I really have no clue.
  8. MinesAndMinerals

    How much does a new lawyer make???

    Averages are largely meaningless since lawyer salaries are distributed bimodally.
  9. MinesAndMinerals

    Careers in Criminal Law

    I went to a US university for undergrad and refer to my time there as “college”. It wouldn’t strike me as odd whatsoever if somebody who has spent considerable time in the US referred to undergrad as college.
  10. I had a diagnostic score very similar to yours. I ended up with exactly the same score on the real test. YMMV, of course.
  11. MinesAndMinerals

    Textbooks Used in Law School

    We had the Irwin book by Osborne recommended for 1L torts but I’ll defer to your expertise.
  12. MinesAndMinerals

    Textbooks Used in Law School

    They were often “recommended” at U of C. I think they’re useful when approaching a new area of law at providing a good overview of the forest, while the casebooks really dig down into the trees.
  13. MinesAndMinerals

    1L Schedule

    There is no legal perspectives course anymore. So 6 classes in fall and 5 in winter but I think winter classes may be longer. The moot is part of winter block week and not the regular classes.
  14. MinesAndMinerals

    Are You Happy With Your Income?

    Getting married was the best financial decision I ever made. Not a tough list to crack, though.
  15. MinesAndMinerals

    Ask a 3L!

    Back of the napkin: 150k at 5% with 2k paid back a month would only be 30ish k in interest over 7.5 year repayment period. Granted, many people won’t be able to afford 24k a year in student loan repayment. But I also think most people can pay back the debt in a lot sooner than 20 years with proper discipline.