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  1. Echoing @BlockedQuebecois - Do you have any questions/concerns about time spent early on in the Reserves before becoming a Legal Officer (e.g., completing basic military qualification training)?
  2. LivePumpkin

    Old LR vs Current

    The same skills are tested. I think the questions just become longer and the answers become more tricky/less cookie cutter.
  3. LivePumpkin

    Old LR vs Current

    Yes, there is a difference between older tests and newer tests. I would recommend you prepare using PT 52 and up because it will be more similar to your test day experience. Hope that helps! I also just wanted to add that if PT 52 - 80ish are not enough, then I think you should go back to earlier tests.
  4. LivePumpkin

    Honest Opinions Needed

    Still might turn out as the steal of the draft haha
  5. LivePumpkin

    Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    NP ! I’ll be attending Osgoode this fall.
  6. LivePumpkin

    Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    Don't limit yourself. You can get that 165! And if it makes you feel any better, I retook the test this past February and got into all schools I applied to in March so don't feel like you have to rush to do the fall tests if you aren't ready (though that would be ideal). PM if you need anymore help.
  7. LivePumpkin

    Should I withdraw from the LSAT?!

    What score do you need to get into the schools you are interested in? I think that will play a large role in your decision. You're plateaued in the mid 150s... but is that score good enough for the school you want to attend? Or do you need at least a 160? If it's the latter, I think you will likely have to study a bit more and retake. But remember, many people have done rewrites and have gotten accepted to the schools of their choice (myself included). It's up to you whether you should write it on Monday or not. Either way, it will show up as a cancelled score on your LSAC report if you decide to cancel it now vs. cancelling it on test day. I'm also not sure how much the argument you mention holds up (someone correct me if I'm wrong). From what I know, most schools just look at your highest score and accept you based off that. I think you should attend the test on Monday (for the experience at the very minimum) and decide whether you want to cancel it afterwards. You have a few days to decide whether you want to cancel your score so don't worry about having to cancel it right then and there. Hope that helps
  8. LivePumpkin

    Tips on improving on the LSAT in 10 days?

    That's a good plan. I know you have limited time but try your best not to rush the Fool Proof Method. It will make the learning slower. But don't worry, you got this! And on the bright side, you always have work at Trevor Philips Industries, right?
  9. LivePumpkin

    WANTED: Getting to Maybe by Paul and Frischl

  10. LivePumpkin

    Tips on improving on the LSAT in 10 days?

    I agree with everyone here. I think you should try mastering LG using 7Sage's Fool Proof Method because it is a quick way to pick up points. Next, do LR with thorough Blind Review. Save RC until the end.
  11. LivePumpkin

    Schedules Posted

  12. LivePumpkin

    Schedules Posted

    Same here
  13. LivePumpkin

    Choosing a Test Date

    From what I know, graduate marks are not included in the calculation. Schools do look favourably upon doing very well in masters programs though.