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  1. Search NCA. You'll need to convert your degree into equivalence with Canadian ones.
  2. With the uncertainty of NAFTA and its TN status, does anyone think that the yield will be higher this year?
  3. Guess that's it for the second round...
  4. You do get flooded with crappy schools, but T-14 and such also give out waivers occasionally.
  5. Obscene debt loads + long ass hours = net worth of $0 in your 30s.
  6. Yes, I definitely would not start out in a non-US satellite office. But looking at the profiles of these foreign legal consultants, it seems like they are all practicing a narrow niche of corporate law (capital markets). I'm guessing litigation doesn't carry well over the border?
  7. Those that are practising American law in these Canadian offices do not have to pass the NCA process because they are not really Canadian lawyers?
  8. Oh no, I would love a call. It's just that I wonder how likely is it for them to sit in the office on a Friday night making calls.
  9. So no calls reported today? I thought the blog says they'll be extending first-round offers today?
  10. Offer. ~81% (~ 3.75 GPA) with drops. 174. Submitted in late Oct./early Nov.
  11. We are like identical in almost everything, cept I have crappy EC.
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