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  1. wow..that's very impressive!! Would you mind me asking how your 1L was?
  2. Aww thank you so much for your kind words!! mean a lot to me
  3. None taken! In fact, I couldn't agree with you more and think I should have explained a bit more about my situation. I didn't apply for McGill University and UBC just because they were the top 2-3, but because I wanted to either stay in Montreal, where I did my undergrad, or move to Vancouver, which was definitely not a good idea.. Oh, and the reason why i was discouraged by the low LSAT score was that..While I was studying for the LSAT and deciding whether to pursue law or not, I have always felt worried that I might not do well in law school due to English being my second language; I was born and raised in another country, and came to Canada about five years ago for McGill. So, with my low LSAT score, especially in reading section, I just thought I might not be capable of pursing such an intense, advanced level of education in a language that I am not perfect at, not to mention the difficulty of practicing law in a second language. In the meantime, I applied for another master's program as a back-up, which I got into, so I ended up thinking that law was perhaps not meant for me and I am better off doing something else..! haha
  4. Hi everyone! Sorry to write another typical chances-me post, but here it goes. I was stupid to consider only McGill and UBC for law schools, both of which I did not get in. Now that I have recently relocated to Toronto for my master’s degree at U of T, I realized York University is near and also has a very good law school program. I have a 3.93 CGPA (3.94 L2, 3.98 B3) with a LSAT score of 158, which is a bummer.. (and got me thinking that law school is maybe not the right path for me..) I can get 2 decent LORs from my professors who I did my honours research projects with, and have..mediocre ECs. With these stats, do I have a good chance at Osgoode? Or should I just give up and do my master’s..? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! P.S., is the personal statement option B mandatory? If not, would not writing it hurt my addmission?
  5. Yes yes that totally makes sense, but I am actually way behind gammarays so i was wondering.. Haha
  6. That's good to know! Just one thing I am curious is..that..I also checked with the admissions via email today and found out that my position has moved only one spot... Could anyone please explain how this is possible? Thank you in advance and good luck to everyone!
  7. Does anybody know if there has been any movement on the waitlist? Thanks in advance!
  8. I emailed a few days ago, and i think the ranking has just become available!
  9. I emailed the admission office just few days ago and was told the same!
  10. Thank you very much for your reply! I am trying not to get my hopes too high, but i guess i can't help hoping... haha
  11. Thank you very much for sharing this! I also found out that someone who was #95 on the waitlist in May got an offer in late August (2017 admission). I was wondering whether this is usual or very rare..?
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