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  1. Can anyone confirm if all OSC branches sent out interviews already?
  2. Has anyone who may have applied heard back from OSC or know when we can expect to hear back?
  3. I applied Thursday and hear back Monday
  4. I had a phone interview with WF but haven't heard back anything since
  5. For anyone who applied to/has info on WeirFoulds, if you sent thank you email after the phone interview did you get a response? And if you got an in-firm how soon after the phone interview was it?
  6. Thanks everyone! I was more so worried about wearing the same suit both monday and potentially tuesday if called back but i went out and got a dress and i'll throw a blazer on top.
  7. Apologise if this is a stupid question or answered somewhere else but what should women wear to in-firm interviews and events? I have one nice suit that I will wear to monday interviews and dinner (because I read here you may not have time to change). But then what do I wear tuesday if they call you back for a second interview ..common sense says suit but any alternative to having to buy another suit? And then i've also heard some places do breakfast/lunch/brunch, are those suit occasions too?! Don't feel like I have enough clothes for all the potential events. Ladies who have been through the process what do you recommend?
  8. I was recently accepted off waitlist, I accepted the offer through OLSAS and made the minimum payment. Emailed cashiers and they confirmed it was received. How long does it take till you receive some sort of information email in terms of courses, school email, orientation etc? Only thing I have so far is the admission email and it's been about a week already. I also need some proof of enrolment for LOC but don't see anything on myuwindsor. Anyone have any input please?
  9. Guys stop.. this topic is trending for all the wrong reasons. It's stressful enough as it is, doesn't help having to refresh this page to see if anyone posted something of value. Also, the other ON school is Windsor (regular JD not the dual program), sorry didn't mention earlier wasn't trying to be mysterious just rushed my post. One more correction, the deadline to accept is actually July 30th not 31st. As of now seems ill be accepting. Thank you to everyone for their input btw especially those of you that have made calls to admissions.
  10. I sent an email a few days ago but no response So torn. Ottawa is my top choice and waitlisted in the high 70s but I got in off waitlist at another Ontario school with a July 31st deadline. Cant decide whether to risk it or not based on what I've been reading here.
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