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  1. Totally agree with this. And at the very worst if they're bothered by you inquiring, you're already likely going to Windsor. I think it's worth the last effort.
  2. Just send an e-mail to admissions if you're worried. My guess is they won't care very much if you tell them it may be late in advance but that you have sent it.
  3. The SLS makes one for every year that we use. I'm sure they'll post in the group with the link soon.
  4. They only take into account undergraduate course grades. I’ve heard them say they do it because comparing undergrad to masters grades is apples to oranges. A masters will basically be a soft.
  5. Thank you kindly to everyone that answered! I enjoyed reading through all the answers and advice. I’m currently working in litigation for the summer and it seems to me that it’s a pretty polarizing area of law -love it or hate it. Thank you for aiding in the soul-searching.
  6. Make a profile at any time after it's reset for the next year in August. No harm in making it early to check out the application process for different schools.
  7. Where do you wanna work?
  8. Inevitably, no one gets to try out every area of law that piques their curiosity as a student or a young associate. I always like hearing about how someone ended up in their practice area, and what drew them to that kind of law in particular over others. For us students, hearing from seasoned lawyered is a helpful way to narrow down our interests. Do you do tax law? L&E? Criminal law? What do you love about it? I haven't seen a recent thread about this, but pardon if it's a repeat.
  9. Well? What did you wear? Don't keep us in suspense.
  10. I’m at a big firm and we’ve all worn t shirts every day. Same for my friends at other firms. But if it’s the first day and you think it might be more formal, wear a dress shirt or nice blouse and keep a blazer nearby. When you get on the first vid call, enter with video off until you see what others are wearing. If other people are wearing full suits, you can quickly throw a blazer over before turning your camera on.
  11. There’s quite a few FB meme pages, like Law School Memes for Edgy T14s. There’s Canadian ones as well and when you join one you’ll have a bunch of others in your recommended.
  12. Also make sure to consult your Financial Aid policy at your school. At mine, the school will factor 50% of anything you make over $1000 during the school year in their calculation of your means. As a result, when taken together, you may be getting less money from the school as a result, and it may not be worth it to work part-time if you know you'll be making significantly less in financial aid.
  13. Did you hear this from admissions directly, or are you assuming this to be the case?
  14. I don’t see why you’d take July if you’re planning to be ready for the test in August. It just doesn’t make sense if you believe you’ll test low and it’ll add another test to your record. 3 takes isn’t great unless you improve significantly between tests. If it went 155 > 159 > 165 you would probably be fine, but if you only go up a few points between tests that’s not going to look great. In the past they’ve suggested only retaking if you think you’ll improve 3 points or more. Writing in October will not prevent you from getting a first round acceptance.
  15. After reading @HouseMDs response, I wanted to come back and second the updating your resume point in particular. That’s the one key thing I’d do over the summer actually, since all the clubs and group applications begin right in the first week. I wouldn’t worry too much about what format you use since it’ll probably change considerably when you start thinking about 1L summer employment stuff/2L OCIs.
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