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  1. I'd like to know this too. In the viewbook, they have a breakdown of the cost which seems to suggest that the OSAP and tax credits would be separate and not included in the calculation.
  2. Notnotadog

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    A friend of mine maintained a 3.94 GPA for 3 years. His final semester's GPA after getting in to his top choice was a 3.1. No mention at all from the law school. Of course, this might not hold true for all schools.
  3. I'm thrilled to now be able to share my own acceptance story! I got the Osgoode email at home with my parents while my mother was on the phone with my grandmother. Ideal timing. Spent the rest of the day on cloud 9, then went out with friends and spent way too much at the bar. Acceptance came about a week after a rough breakup so it was perfectly timed.
  4. Notnotadog

    Accepted to University of Toronto

    In! Just got the call a literal minute ago. 3.9 and 169, wrote the optional essay! AHHHH Last name mid-alpha
  5. Notnotadog

    Accepted to University of Toronto

    Congratulations! What time was the call if I may ask?
  6. Notnotadog

    personal statement

    Schools are aware of the copy and paste issue.
  7. Notnotadog

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    I'm in !!!! 3.9 cGPA, 169. In my 4th year of my BA. Average softs, wrote the diversity statement. AHHH!
  8. Notnotadog

    Accepted to Osgoode 2019

    Congrats @jrfyfe, but I really need another person to substantiate this with an acceptance. York said nothing until December so this is weird.
  9. Notnotadog

    In queue 2019

    For real????
  10. Notnotadog

    In queue 2019

    I know UofT said to notify them if you don't receive a confirmation by Nov. 8th. Not sure what Osgoode's policy on this was.
  11. Notnotadog

    In queue 2019

    October 26th, but as Ryn said I don't think it actually makes a difference. I'm just stoked and wanted to share.
  12. Notnotadog

    In queue 2019

    Oh, certainly. I'm not expecting anything until Mid-December, and that if I'm lucky. Just excited to know that I'm in queue and people will be reading my stuff soon.
  13. Notnotadog

    In queue 2019

    Just updated on OASIS that I'm in queue for review. Admissions season is almost here. Get hyped!
  14. Notnotadog

    Additional Additional Essay

    I've definitively decided that I won't be writing the additional essay for these same reasons. I touch on the ways I'm diverse in my PS and I feel that I would just be restating what I said. Doesn't sound conducive to an effective additional essay.