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  1. To add to what other posters have said, my diagnostic was also a 151 and I was similarly discouraged. In the end, with a lot of work, I scored a 169. The LSAT is a learnable test, despite what other people may tell you. It's a difficult process but the work you put in will be so worth it. What helped me out most was 7sage Logic Games videos and doing blind review every single time. You can do this!
  2. When I click log in it just takes me to a news page. Trying to see if my recent transcript request was received but I can't!
  3. Is it only on August the 19th once registration starts, or before that? Thank you!
  4. FYI for anyone still following this, I talked to my rep today and he said there are talks of increasing it to 180k, but for now the official number is 150k. As well, if you're still in school (not articling) when they finalize the increase to 180k, you can ask to have yours extended to this amount.
  5. Allan Hutchison is super awesome -he came to one of my 4th year seminars a few times to talk about Legal Theory and it was very clear he was the smartest person in the room. Coolest dude. Will definitely be checking out this book by him!
  6. I just finished a Philosophy and Polisci degree at UofT and despite doing well in my philosophy courses my diagnostic LSAT was a 151. It took a lot of hard work to get my score up to where I was happy with it. I wouldn't infer from studying philosophy alone that you'll get a decent score. Edit: If you're from a low-income background, look into the UofT law School Access Program!
  7. I also went to UofT and really enjoyed my time here (majored in Ethics, Society & Law). That being said, I have friends from Ryerson and York that also participated in this year's admissions cycle that also loved their time in university. If I were you, I'd pick the program that you want to do most. 4 years is a long time to spend in a program that you don't like, and frankly your interest in law could change.
  8. On UofT's ACORN website I'm seeing $500 credited to my account -am I supposed to do anything with this or is this everything, granted that I've also handed in my deposit form to the Faculty of Law?
  9. After chatting with people about the summer before their 1L and what they wish they did, think I've decided officially not to apply to internships and the like. Time for a summer of a job i love and fun!
  10. I went -actually had a great time!
  11. I suppose the little voice is part of what got us into law school in the first place, but certainly isn't very useful when it's time to take a chill pill. Traveling for 2 months sounds incredibly ideal!
  12. The little voice inside my head is telling me to apply to internships and office work to gain more professional experience, but at the same time I doubt any of it would be related to the law and the August start time at UofT makes me ineligible for a lot of opportunities. I'm thinking about just continuing my part-time barista job but full-time, and taking weeks off for leisure and relaxation before a tough 3 years. What is everyone else thinking?
  13. Has anyone done a breakdown of how much more this will cost relative to what was paid this year for those of us who would be receiving an OSAP grant + aid from uoft? I talked to someone from the admissions office and they did say that the uoft aid structure had changed to Include a higher proportion of loans to bursaries, plus an anticipated OSAP reduction.
  14. I'd like to know this too. In the viewbook, they have a breakdown of the cost which seems to suggest that the OSAP and tax credits would be separate and not included in the calculation.
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