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  1. While I would agree with you, is there anyone who doesn't believe that they have a clear personal code of honour? I would guess that even most sociopaths would think that their code of honour is correct for some twisted form of justification. I once had a roommate who regularly lied, stole, and sucker punched people at bars, but would always manage to justify his actions after the fact - and would gladly talk about things like honour and integrity without a sense of irony if the opportunity to grandstand arose.
  2. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Best of luck at UNB @rebeccius!
  3. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    @krnprykt Thanks! LSAT was 159, GPA was 2.96
  4. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Hey all, I received my final decision today and just for the sake of this thread being a resource I thought I'd give an update on my last four schools: UNB - Waitlist - July 6 Dal - Ding (via letter) - June sometime McGill - Ding - Late May Queen's - Not sure, accepted Ottawa and withdrew my app Can't wait to start at Ottawa in the fall.
  5. lazslo93

    Mature Student

    This is only anecdotal, but my father-in-law originally got his BEng and managed construction projects until he had to learn part of the law due to complications from one of his projects. He found he was far more interested in law than construction, left his job to get his JD (at a middle of the pack school), and has done very well for himself with his own firm specializing in cases involving construction and engineering projects. He also got an MBA later that he says he didn't find too useful, but I digress... Take this with a very large grain of salt, as I'm only entering my first year, but I would imagine that having a strong background in a niche area of law, like engineering, should be valuable if this is the law that you want to do. Think about it this way, you should be much quicker at understanding why a project failed and who was at fault than someone with an arts background. I think law schools recognize this too - another trend I've picked up on from this forum is that those mature students who get accepted with sub-3 gpas quite often come from STEM backgrounds.
  6. lazslo93

    Mature Student

    @nubsauce Hey, just wanted to chime in as someone who was in your exact situation a year ago. I had a 2.95 gpa and a 159 lsat, mature student, was accepted at Ottawa and waitlisted at Osgoode and Windsor but rejected at 6 others. I also have a poli sci degree, and I'm guessing a lower gpa in engineering is looked upon more forgivingly than one in political science. So, what I'm saying is, you've got a chance, and if it turns out you're a savant who can pull off 170+ you've got an outside chance at any school - there are examples on this forum of UBC and U of T accepting those types of mature/access students (that being said, this would mean you're in the top 1% of LSAT takers, who are generally going to be a very smart group of people as it is). Not sure if there are specific reasons for wanting to apply to those schools you named, but from what I've gathered from this forum is that a law school's ranking or reputation isn't nearly as important as you might think. You're not going to be precluded from working anywhere based on where you went to law school in Canada. If law is really what you want to do then I'd suggest applying anywhere you'd be okay with living for the next 3+ years. Applying as a mature student can be a bit of a lottery, the more tickets you buy the better the odds of one of them coming up a winner.
  7. lazslo93

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    @Progress12345 it is for an LOC, I'm assuming this won't pass for proof of enrolment
  8. lazslo93

    2018-2019 Enrollment

    Likewise. I ordered proof of enrolment, just got it today and was disappointed to see that I was listed as part-time. Was hoping to get the financial stuff done next week.
  9. On a related and more positive note, I'd appreciate hearing from current and former Ottawa students on which profs and courses they really liked? Would be good info to have for block selections in a month.
  10. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    @Teemu13 Thank you for your positivity! I was actually recently accepted at Ottawa and was waitlisted and interviewed at 3 other schools - with a GPA far below yours and a mediocre LSAT, which should help with any worries you have about your chances. This forum is full of good info for the whole application process, as you go down that road. I think nearly every application year has its own mature students thread loaded with questions, answers and information sharing - this was all super helpful to me when I first started studying for the LSAT a year ago ( I listed a bunch of the threads on page 2 here if you want to check them out). Wish you the best, though I'd assume you're going to be a shoe-in almost everywhere with that GPA, and feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  11. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    I'd definitely apply for the discretionary categories when you get a chance, there is literally no downside that I've heard of to doing this. Your life experiences are exactly what that category is for, and the admissions committees are composed of lawyers, professors and students - people bright enough to distinguish between a valid reason for extra consideration and someone attributing their poor LSAT to a hangnail. All applicants will be talking about their extracurriculars, clubs, and volunteer activities. What you've done in the last ~30 years is surely worthy of more consideration than what the vast majority of regular applicants did on the side while they were in class. If they don't accept your reasons for extra consideration, which I strongly doubt they would, they'll just make their decision based on your hard stats, which seem good enough on their own to get into most schools. You certainly won't be penalized for trying.
  12. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Good on you for looking into this. I'm still an applicant myself, but it sounds like there should at least be a handful of law students close to you in age at each school and I don't think you should have any worries about perceptions by either the law schools or the students and professors around you. You'll be bringing plenty of things to the table that others won't, and most schools, profs and students will know that - but of course make sure you highlight it in your application letters. As for why I wanted to enter law? I approached my first degree 10 years ago with the "Cs get degrees" mentality - drank beer, had fun. Didn't know what I wanted to do until I took a few law courses in third year, loved them, aced them, but was only able to pull my GPA up to a ~3 so I didn't bother applying to law school, but law has always felt like a missed chance. I recently hit a lull in my career and a transition period in my life, was told about the mature student category from a friend my age who just returned to law school, and realised that now might be my last window of opportunity to do it before life got in the way.
  13. lazslo93

    2017/2018 Current 1L AMA

    Thanks for doing this @imalwaysanxious! This is kind of a broad question, but I was wondering if there was anything that you wish you had known going into first year - this could either be for law school in general or specific to U of O. Thanks!
  14. lazslo93

    Accepted to Ottawa 2018

    Nope, wasn't waitlisted, straight to admitted.
  15. lazslo93

    Mature Applicants Accepted/Rejected 2018

    Thank you! @Timmies123