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  1. Hey! I was wondering if you’d be able to share your first year schedule as I’m not sure when we’re going to be able to register. So far we’ve only been told “early August” and I’m curious as to what an example of a 1L schedule looks like!
  2. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a copy of their first year schedule? I know we’ll be able to actually register soon but I’m really curious as to what it will generally look like so I was hoping someone could share theirs from a previous year. I tried searching the forum but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!
  3. I had to send in an updated application for the $135k, I did get approved but my advisor said as of right now they aren’t adding it to the amount I got for this year (but she made it sound like this is probably going to change). Just thought I’d add my experience.
  4. Honestly I doubt my personal statement was even looked at or given much weight. I don’t think I had anything extraordinary to say compared to every other potential law student. Everyone on this website seems to think their PS/ECs are “above average” but if we’re *all* above average than it just becomes the average, doesn’t it? Anyway, what I’m saying is from my experience applying this past cycle and from the users on this forum it seems like numbers are much more important. I would focus on those as much as possible. If your LSAT isn’t the best get your GPA up, if your GPA is lacking try to increase your LSAT score. Good luck!
  5. Given that you’ve stated you’re flexible in regards to where you’ll live I don’t think you should have much of a problem. I just recently got approved for a new place that’s less than a 20 minute walk from school (being intentionally vague lol) so I was looking recently (last few weeks) and saw lots of options still. Most available units here will be posted on kijiji, so I’d start there unless there’s a specific building/unit you’re looking at in which case I’d contact the property manager directly ASAP. I haven’t always had the best results with emailing through kijiji so sometimes I’ll find a place that looks good and then google for a direct contact number/email/website for that building instead of using kijiji’s messaging system. Anyone on a month-to-month lease will have to have given their notice to vacate by the 1st so I’d guess that there will be units coming up right around that time. Be aware that traffic will be problematic especially coming from certain areas heading toward school during rush hour times, and parking on campus will likely be a bit of a pain. I have lived in/attended school in the area for a while so if you want to PM me with other questions feel free!
  6. It’s definitely not late yet, there are tons of apartments still available. I actually live not super far away but I’m looking at places closer to school so I’ve spent lots of time in the last week looking at ads and there are plenty of places available for September. As for a week before, I personally would be hesitant but I’m sure people do it. It might be more difficult looking for a one bedroom than, say, a house with multiple students renting rooms (a lot of people do that, not my thing though, I need my personal space). I think some places will do a Skype viewing if you ask, I’ve seen that advertised. That said I have never tried finding an an apartment on such short notice but it might not be so bad, there should still be vacancies it might be difficult to get the location/quality you want since it’ll be a last minute rush. Definitely depends on your budget too, I would imagine a lot of the student-type places would be gone but for buildings with other types of tenants it might be fine. I think you’d find a place I just don’t know if it would be the perfect place. If I were you I’d try finding a place online sooner, most places post ads on kijiji with pictures, and you can google street view to check out the area and stuff from the outside. If it’s a bigger building or rental company you can probably find some reviews just by googling. Landlords are probably used to students coming from away so they may be able to accommodate you somehow! Let me know if you have any other questions, and best of luck finding a place!
  7. Hmm. It would depend on exactly where you’re looking downtown. There is a main bus terminal on Barrington street very close by to the casino, so it might not be too bad of a spot for getting to school. Plus you’d be in a great location as far as bars and nightlife go, if you’re into that, as well as cool places like the waterfront boardwalk, escape rooms, discovery centre and other activities. Just make sure you stay away from a couple sets of buildings on Barrington (though these are past the casino getting further away from the downtown core) as they’re known for being overrun with bedbugs and and run by property management companies who don’t care. I can give you the name in a PM if you want I just don’t want to say it publicly and make anyone angry 😜 This website has been helpful for me in finding a safe and clean apartment: https://www.bedbugregistry.com/ I think the downtown core would be fine as long as you’re okay with bussing to school! Also it will probably be pretty loud so be prepared for that! Lots of events, bars, drunk people roaming the streets, sirens, etc. Maybe you’re used to all that coming from Toronto though!!
  8. The area around Dal (and nearby SMU) is known as the “South End” of Halifax. It’s a weird mix of the most expensive homes in the city and a large number of student apartments/shared houses. The high number of students from the two universities means plenty of housing right around the schools, but you’ll want to be careful of some landlords who take advantage of students not knowing their rights as tenants and letting the apartments deteriorate into less-than-ideal conditions for living. I prefer to rent from small to mid-size companies/owners rather than the large corporations (it’s not always the case but often the buildings with pest problems and that type of issue are owened by a few specific companies). If you can’t find anything in the south end you can extend your search away from Dal towards the West End or the North End (some areas of the North End are considered to be less safe). Somewhere in the south end would probably be preferable as it gives you great walking access to school and downtown as well as access to bus routes. I expect that it should be easy enough to find something within a few minutes walk from the main campus where the law building is, although this largely will depend on your budget and if you’re willing to live with other people or not. We don’t have a subway in Halifax and the busses are not known to be overly reliable (often late, sometimes early, sometimes they never show up) but I have never lived anywhere else so I don’t really have a basis for comparison except for short visits to other cities. From what I can tell the buses are a lot less reliable than subway systems. Here’s an interactive heat map of crime in Halifax which might be helpful, you can filter by year and type of crime. http://www.crimeheatmap.ca/ Hope some of this helps! (Feel free to PM me if you have questions that are more specific since I don’t want to publicly divulge too much personal info!)
  9. Get the pretty coloured ones that you can change for the holidays--orange and black for Halloween, green and red for Christmas... you know the drill. Kidding, but +1 for Invisalign. I have had both metal braces and Invisalign (twice) because I'm dumb and didn't properly take care of my teeth after I had braces the first time. I was quite young when I had the traditional braces but I have to say I definitely prefer Invisalign. Being able to remove them if necessary helps, I find them less painful, and people don't notice them at all. Then again, I'm sure other people care way less about your braces than you do, it's just one of those things that you'll always focus on for yourself but probably wouldn't even notice on someone else.
  10. Update: in as of this morning. Good luck to those of you still waiting!
  11. Got an email around 8am this morning telling me to check uOzone. cGPA 3.95, LSAT 160, I’m guessing about average ECs and good reference letters. Last school I was waiting to hear from so I guess it’s decision time!
  12. Yes, Ottawa was one of the ones higher up on my list for Ontario schools though so I wanted to wait to hear from them. I might just give up soon and go elsewhere though. As for Ontario I applied to Queen’s, Western, and Oz, and I got in to all of them relatively early on.
  13. Maybe my PS was bad? My softs probably aren’t amazing, I haven’t done anything super special but I didn’t think any of it was that bad.
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