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  1. This is correct. You will only be eligible if you get an early acceptance offer.
  2. Waitlisted on Friday, B2: 3.89 CCGPA 3.5 LSAT 155, 158 and 161
  3. I inquired a while ago and got no response. Someone earlier in the thread said July 3rd would be a date to know by.
  4. @georgecostanzajr My cGPA should 3.4 and my B2 a 3.9 on OLSAS scale. So a lower cGPA, which I figure may be holding me back.
  5. I applied through general and my best LSAT score was in December. I did not write in February! At this point I am just looking for an answer either way but I will remain hopeful!
  6. Hello! I applied with fairly reasonable stats (B2/L2 3.89/4.3 and a 161 (best lsat out of three 157/158 on two before that) but I am yet to hear anything. Most schools have sent out rejections or formed a waitlist at this point. Does anyone know when Queen's will be doing this? Thanks in advance!
  7. Anyone accepted with a December LSAT score? Or are these all still acceptances with September scores?
  8. Got my email today! LSAT (December 2017) 161 and AGPA 3.79. My index score is around 76.3
  9. Do you know what your adjusted GPA was on the Manitoba scale?
  10. @aptl96 Where did you hear they are focusing on cgpa? My cgpa is much lower than my B2 so just trying to figure out if this will really impact my chances! Thanks in advance!
  11. @hopefullawstudent18 Are you from a maritime province? We would have very similar stats, hence why I am curious!
  12. They do appear to count 4 as a full semester! When I emailed admissions they said that they will split a full year course into two separate parts if necessary when calculating for GPA. They also did tell me they include all summer classes.
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