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  1. Do you mind sharing the name/link to the Facebook group? I would like to get a head start on looking for a place to rent.
  2. Thanks for your feedback! would you say the bussing system is reliable for day to day activities and social life? (Going to school, groceries, shopping, etc). any suggestions on areas to live in? Also, since Bora Laskin is relatively a new law school, I couldn’t find much feedback in regards to job prospects for graduates. It seems like a great school and has a lot to offer for me, however, I’ve been receiving discouraging advice from peers about the difficulty in landing job positions afterwards. Do you have any feedback or advice in this department?
  3. Hi everyone, I just had a few questions about living in Thunder Bay, as well as feedback from current students or graduates from Bora Laskin. 1) How is the bussing system in Thunder Bay? I would be moving out of my city to live in Thunder Bay for 3 years. I come from a city in which public transportation is extremely reliable and my main way of getting around. I don’t have have access to a car, and I’ve heard Thunder Bay has a ‘terrible’ bussing system. Basically I would be relying largely on public transportation. 2) To current students and recent graduates- if you were a student who relocated to Thunder Bay for law school, what was your experience like, in regards to readjusting, the atmosphere, etc. Did you move back to your home cities afterwards and find careers or made the decision to stay in northern Ontario? ANY feedback is welcome! Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if rejections also get posted onto OLSAS? I’ve read of some members finding out about rejections from the individual school website. I was unsure if this was because OLSAS takes some time to update or because only acceptances are posted. Thank you!
  5. Hey guys, Cutting right to the chase, I did horribly on my LSAT (145). My diagnostic wasn’t even this low. This can be contributed to a variety of factors but the point is my score is terrible and although I’m rewriting in February, realistically I don’t know how much I could increase by then. With a 145 lsat (hopefully a few points higher for February) , 3.65 CGPA, 3.83 L2 and B2 is also around 3.83, are there any Canadian schools I could get into? (I’ve already applied to Ontario schools and know my chances are slim with that score). thanks for your help and I hope you are all happy with your scores!
  6. Hey guys, does anyone know what the Values and Length category mean under the GPA summary table? I assumed it was the weeks of the program and amount of credits but not too sure since it doesn't add up to the amount of credits I have or the length of my program. also, I started my program in 2014-2015, but the first year listed in my gpa summary is 2015. Is this how it should be ?
  7. I haven't received a confirmation email or any information on how to log into my windsor account, and I check my junk mail everyday. Might give them a call today.
  8. Sorry guys! I should have been more clear. I have indicated on my application that I'll be writing both December and February. What I meant was if my December score is competitive, could a school choose to accept me based off my December score and disregard the fact that I'm writing in February? (if I were to receive an acceptance based off my December score, it's very unlikely I'll write in February)
  9. Hey guys, I've written my December lsat (fingers crossed it went well) but I've also signed up for the February one as I wait for my score. My question is, if my December score is good, is it possible to receive an acceptance from a school or will they wait for me to write my February one and then make a decision?
  10. hi guys, I was just looking for your opinions on getting a non-academic lor. I already have my academic ones but for certain schools I need a non-academic one. Would a non-academic LOR from a current undergraduate student be viewed negatively? I've worked closely with this individual as we both shared exec positions throughout our undergrads on the same student clubs. she is currently the president/vp of the student clubs I am a part of. any feedback would be great, thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, for the sketch/verifier section I had a few questions -Can I put major events I was involved in planning, even though they connect to a club I already put in the sketch? (for example, student council would be the club, and helped plan a gala or academic conference) -If I did not keep in touch with fellow execs from a student club, is it okay to put the name of someone who attend events that I hosted while in this student club? -For the verifier part, the information needed includes name, address and phone number. However, not a section on their position. However, there is a section for additional comments, should I put the position of the verifier in the comments? (for example, state that so and so is program coordinator of the organization I volunteer with, or that so and so is the owner of my place of work, president of a student club, etc) Thank you!
  12. Please don't be sorry for sharing your story. I wish you only the best in whatever path you choose, stay as strong as you clearly have been over the years!
  13. The reason I was considering including the name of the community is because it is definitely known as a priority neighbourhood, with low graduation rates and a high crime rate, and truthfully did shape me a lot into the person I am today. I just wasn't sure how common or 'appropriate' this is for personal statements. Also about verifying jobs and adding references, did you only include jobs after highschool? I would have to look but I believe the OLSAS application says to only include jobs and comittments after highschool...if this is the case then would I be able to include jobs I worked in highschool in my autobiographical sketch? (only because I briefly mention working at a young age in highschool on my PS)
  14. Hi there, I was wondering if anybody here has discussed growing up in a priority neighborhood in their PS? and if this tipped the scales in their favour? I grew up in a priority neighborhood and started working at 15 to save up money for school and lift financial burdens off my family, but was unsure if this was something I should discuss in my PS. Also, will law schools want some sort of proof to validate things like "I started working at 15" etc.
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