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  1. Thanks for your reply, providence! As a follow-up, would you say a JD/MPP is a cash grab the way a JD/MGA might be? Additionally, and this might be naive of me, but wouldn't prior knowledge and experience in the public sector be attractive to employers for the aforementioned positions and/or showcase a demonstrated interest in the subject area? This is, of course, assuming one's grades aren't noncompetitive (which I understand is by no means a walk in the park).
  2. Bumping this again in case anyone wants to take a stab at it. I'd appreciate any kind of insight!
  3. Hi everyone, Just a bit of a back story: I was initially inclined to apply to law school around September of last year, but, over the course of several months have had a bit of a change in interests. I'm currently employed in the public sector and have really liked working here. In order to further my career interests within this sector, I chose to apply to the MPP program at U of T and recently secured admission. I will be attending the program this fall. I do, however, still hold an interest in attending law school at some point within the next 2-5 years. Here's my question: I've read previous threads on the combined JD/MGA program, and it was pretty clear to me that there are little to no employers that look for individuals who hold such degrees (or, rather, there are limited careers within the "international law" realm). I was wondering if it's a similar case for students holding a JD/MPP? As I understand it, positions at the MAG and Justice Department might tend to favor those who hold (or are pursuing) such degrees. Am I incorrect in understanding so? Looking forward to your responses!
  4. What's your B2? Your LSAT seems competitive. What were your stats when you applied last year? Surprised Western didn't accept you.
  5. Congratulations! Would you mind sharing your B3?
  6. You haven't even taken the LSAT yet and you're already ruling yourself out... Have some faith in yourself and (depending on your diagnostic) take your time to study well for the LSAT. Find a community (I suggest 7Sage) which fosters an environment where individuals are encouraged to max out their LSAT potential. You aren't wrong in presuming that your cGPA puts you at a disadvantage, but the LSAT also does carry some weight too. Your application isn't complete yet. Your chances can only be predicted once you have all scores in place. While not common, people can and have gotten accepted at Oz with 3.3 cGPAs. Nothing is ruled out yet. Don't get in your own way. Focus on bringing your cGPA up and securing a good LSAT score and leave the rest of the admissions process for the admissions committee to evaluate.
  7. You have a strong cGPA and an LSAT which is only a point or two behind the median LSAT at the schools you listed. Check out previous year's accepted thread; I think you're in a safe spot. Can't see those schools rejecting a student with your stats.
  8. Did you have a full course load through your B2 years? If yes, then as per Queen's revised admissions criteria your GPA is competitive. Your LSAT, however, would still put you at a disadvantage. I highly doubt your application would be considered competitive with your current score. I met with the admissions committee at a conference last month and they indicated that a B2 of 3.7+ coupled with an LSAT 160+ is typically considered to be competitive.
  9. 25th percentile last year was 164. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/admissions/jd-admissions/admissions-policies
  10. Yours are slightly higher and I would expect you to be in at Western and Queen's Possibly even Ottawa, if you're applying there
  11. U of T doesn't consider LOR's. Your softs seem good, and B3 + LSAT seem to be in a good spot too. I'd say you're likely in.
  12. Any reason you aren't looking at Western? Your chances there are strong too. Outside of that, have you calculated your cGPA with drops for UBC? If it's at or above the index score you should apply.
  13. As per OLSAS you're at about 3.9. As per the McGill scale you're at about 4.0, I believe.
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