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  1. Pretty sure Vancouver is harder. At UBC you need top 30-40% to get a realistic chance of getting an OCI job while at a school like UofT or Osgoode you can probably do that around median. (Probably under median at UofT tbh). I think theres just not enough spots.
  2. Also, do smaller cities even higher summer/articling students in their criminal departments? I had a tough time finding information regarding this!
  3. Just wondering how difficult it is to get a summer/articling position at a crown attorney office outside of Toronto but in Ontario? Are cities such as newmarket, hamilton, kitchener hard to crack and would going to cities even further out like Thunder Bay make it easier? Im also studying at UBC if it matters so i'm not sure if it makes it any harder(originally from Toronto). My goal is to get a summer/articling job outside of the city for a couple years then move back to Toronto, would that be feasible? Thanks!
  4. I think you should try to get a 173+ if you want to get in any reputable school in Ontario or BC(Including UBC or UofT), not impossible, but I will say that about 99% of test-takers don't score this high.
  5. Idk if this matters but my school didn't give A-'s so they treated my A's as 80's (keep in mind, at my school several high 80's I had were supposed to be converted to 80 at UBC). I called UBC and they actually told me they increased my average since it would be unfair to weigh them as an 80. I think my average ended up around 84 after they changed it(It was probably closer to 87-88 if my school decided to use numerical grades, but much better than the self-calculated 82 I had through their website). Either way the best bet is to email UBC to confirm.
  6. Just wondering if anyone knows how bay street firms handle lockstep after finishing articling? Do you start as a first year immediately after finishing articling then immediately move to a second year salary as soon as January hits or do they still pay you as a first year?
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