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  1. After considerable thought I have come to realise that my comments were inappropriate and I would like to sincerely apologise to anyone I may have offended. I should not have been making these kind of generalisations and offensive remarks.
  2. Clearly people are not taking this seriously. - I am a visible minority myself. I have nothing against minorities or international students. I do have a concern with drug culture and situations where rich overseas students come here and increase the cost of living. Influx of foreign wealth btw does do this. Also there are people who immigrate here but the breadwinner is in a foreign country (but considered Canadian resident as per tax law) which doesn't share info w/ the CRA allowing them to illegally not declare global income without being caught. - My concerns are about York, not about Osgoode. - I am aware I am making generalisations. I never said that this is representative of the entire student body but this image does exist for a reason. It does have its basis is reality.
  3. Plan on studying tax law with the intention to combat corporate tax evasion. Also got accepted to Queen's and Ottawa but declined them due to lack of tax law courses I live in York Region so Osgoode is commutable but I will still live in Chambers as I don't like living at home. Osgoode - Pros Has a Tax Law curricular Stream (not sure if that really means anything) Higher ranked Founded by Law Society of Upper Canada Ontario focused curriculum (not sure if that really means anything) Osgoode - Cons It's located at York High crime & drugs Unsafe Campus is parking lots and ugly buildings Overrun by radical SJWs Most students at York are not serious about their studies Nothing is very walkable from campus. Living in suburbia which I am NOT a fan of. Too close to home UBC - Pros Cheap!! Get to see a different city (lived in Toronto area my whole life including undergrad (at UofT)) Be part of a respected university Chance to be truly independent from family UBC - Cons Property prices is expensive Too many super rich internationals causing the cost of living to be unaffordable for the common person. Many of whom get income from overseas relatives and don't report their income and therefore don't pay taxes. Note: Parents are immigrants so I am not being racist. Just stating facts. I know that there are a lot of internationals who do contribute to society and pay their fair share of taxes Vancouver's weed and hipster culture Most likely I will find articling in Vancouver and probably my first job in Vancouver (I think). Don't want to live there permanently (due to property prices). Inconvenience of moving there, settling there, looking for housing there from here, changing leases, etc.
  4. Declined the offer to open up a seat for someone else.
  5. Declined the offer to open up a seat for someone else.
  6. Hi, Is there residence available for Law Students? I can't find anything on the website.
  7. Accepted Feb 7. Current Status: 4th year undergrad at UofT Last Name: A In Queue: Nov 15 OLSAS cGPA: 3.70 (till end Y3); 3.68 (including semester I Y4). LSAT: 165 Did not fill out the affirmative action section (I am a visible minority but I don't believe in affirmative action based on ethnicity).
  8. I am pursuing my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto (Trinity College). I did a Specialist in Public Accounting (CPA Accredited) and a Major in Economics.
  9. Could someone please explain the index score? How would I get mine?
  10. Accepted today. Current Status: 4th year Bachelor of Commerce Student at University of Toronto Last Name: A LSAT: 165 Average (first three years w/ 2 lowest full credits dropped): 87.3%
  11. Got the e-mail today. Don't know why I have to log in to the portal from there but whatever. Status: 4th year Bachelor of Commerce at Univeristy of Toronto Last Name: A cGPA OLSAS: 3.70 (1st three years). 3.68 (including 1st semester Y4) LSAT: 165
  12. https://www.facebook.com/groups/115300415818758/ Apparently there is a 2021 Facebook Group.
  13. Corporations are effectively not paying taxes due to tax evasion but technically speaking they are taxed. There is something called the corporate tax rate. "People like you and I". Maybe you significant shares in a multi-national corporation but an average person does not. Look at the share of revenues governments have collected form personal and corporate tax rates over time. Personal share has been rising as corporate share has been falling.
  14. I rather put money in hands of the government, which although imperfect, benefits the public, than in the hands of a multi-billion dollar corporation which would rather stash money away in the Cayman Islands than help the common person. Remember, the less tax a large corporation pays, the more taxes you and I will have to pay for the government to have the money it needs to fund city services.
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