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  1. david2234

    Bad GPA, any hope for law school?

    OP do you have one school year with a good GPA? Because if you do then you can also take an additional year (load up on some bird courses), do really well and then apply for L2 schools. If your L2 is above 3.6-3.7, then you have a strong chance at L2 school as long as your LSAT is 165+, imo.
  2. david2234

    Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    cGPA: 2.96 LSAT: 168 Decent LORs and references. rank: 35/298
  3. david2234

    Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    I mean I don't really find these conversations annoying either. It's pretty entertaining and it makes the wait more worthwhile. Besides, religiously checking this page doesn't affect your chances of making off the wait list. If you're going to get off it, you would; and if you're not, then you're not.
  4. david2234

    Accepted to Western 2018

    Can we just switch spots, i'm in the opposite position from you guys
  5. david2234

    Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Thank you for the response! I did see the other posts but I was curious whether it would be different since I was put on a waitlist, which I was not clear on since the other posts didn't specify. Hope your charm stays lucky!
  6. david2234

    Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Does someone know what happens if we've provisionally accepted another school? OLSAS mentioned my status will be changed to firm acceptance unless I decline it. If it firm accepts then would I still remain on the waitlist or would my position be withdrawn?
  7. david2234

    Ottawa Waitlisted 2018 JD (English)

    Waitlisted as well. Pretty surprised actually. cGPA: 2.96 LSAT: 168 decent softs and LORs
  8. david2234

    LSAT - Non-Scored Section

    omg i remember that one. It completely threw off my rhythm.
  9. david2234

    Rejected 2018

    Just got the rejection email yesterday. Not surprised but still sad. cGPA 2.96 LSAT: 158, 168 Decent LORs and ECs
  10. david2234

    Waitlist 2018

    Waitlisted yesterday as well. cGPA: 2.96 L2: ~3.69 LSAT: 158, 168
  11. david2234

    Rejected 2018

    Oh man I pretty much have identical stats as you, also went into queue feb 14 too. I guess I should be expecting mine pretty soon. RIP.
  12. david2234

    Rejected from Western 2018

    Which category did you apply under? If you don't mind me asking.
  13. I agree with this. To add on, I used: Powerscore for logic games and logical reasoning books to learn the techniques. 7sage - for logic games explanations and tracked my progress using their scoring tool. Manhattan Prep - I went on their forums to get answers on logical reasoning and reading comprehension questions. I also took logic, and critical thinking courses offered as electives during my undergrad which helped me a lot as well.
  14. david2234

    "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    It's official. I've been blocked by university magazine and I don't even have adblock on
  15. david2234

    "University Magazine" Law School Rankings

    LMAOOOOOOO this is hilarious. Nice to see the journalistic standards in Canada are held very highly