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  1. Good luck getting it when parking opens though. Better chance once the waitlist opens!
  2. The topic this past year was a Brooklyn 99 themed Mr. Big operation! The prof for LRW loves memes and has a great sense of humor. Take the course seriously though, it will give you valuable skills for summer positions and articling if you plan to seek those.
  3. and you never have to go outside!
  4. Are you certain this is correct? I believe there were 8 indigenous admits into last years class, and these are also admitted under holistic review. Based on the dates in last years accepted thread though (and the fact that there was a waitlist admit ON orientation day), I feel like the number of total holistic admits might have been higher than 8.
  5. That's last year's! But I would expect 5 days per week. You take 7 classes. Foundations in the First 2 weeks which runs from about 9-5, after that it depends on what cohort you get and who the profs are. You'll be taking 6 full year classes, and are slotted into your classes automatically by the registrar's office. Note that they have some practitioners teaching 1st year, and they usually need to teach early AM or evening classes.
  6. I hope you get to meet him! Absolute gem ♥️
  7. Yes, they will want all transcripts from all schools.
  8. I'm an indigenous 1L and would be happy to field any questions
  9. U of A has student legal services (SLS) for criminal law that is very popular among students!
  10. If a firm I am interested in applying to handled a notable case, with a ground-breaking decision that I found inspiring, is it crass to discuss this and name the lawyer who contributed in my cover letter? It was handled by a partner who is not listed as one of the hiring partners to whom I would be sending the letter and resume, but it is one of the reasons I am drawn to this firm as, to me, it speaks to the values of the firm (or at least of the lawyers who work there).
  11. Also 1L and heard the same, except that it was a no show on orientation day that opened the spot
  12. I definitely didn't get any work done the rest of the day. I opened the email after a fairly significant and frustrating operations meeting, and all my stress from the meeting just evaporated. The feeling was almost euphoric, and also a bit surreal. I told a couple co-workers and we went for an early celebratory lunch that spanned most of the afternoon as well. When my acceptance for the 2nd school I'd applied to came a few weeks later, it was basically old news.
  13. I heard there were 186! 8 Aboriginal admittances. So if that's correct 2 were admitted holistically.
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