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  1. Hi, I myself actually got on here after a while as well. I totally agree with you, but it's always good to hear the truth even though as you said they can be tough. I will be making my final decision by the end of today and will for sure message you, thank you so much!
  2. BUT that does not mean I don't know what I want to do in life. Such an unnecessary comment, hope you feel better about yourself.
  3. Good advices, thank you so much My only problem is that I thought I had everything planned and now I have to change everything last minute and go on a different route for at least a year and see what happens then.
  4. Right now clearly my thought process is all over the place. But thinking about having to go through the process of studying for the LSAT, application processes, contacting my profs for LOR again doesn't sound all too pleasing in the short term but I know if I do it'll be worth it. What if I go through the process and get rejected? That's another year wasted
  5. Why are you accusing me off not knowing what I want to do in life and relying on strangers because of a question? Other than that I really appreciate your response.
  6. Thank you for the response! Yeah of course, I was just saying this would be a great opportunity to move out as I still live with my parents. I have great parents so no one has really pressured me into anything. I felt like at the time I was applying everything was happening at once and I had other personal problems I was dealing on the side that I didn't have the ability and motivation to study for the LSAT with all the deadlines passed.
  7. Hey, thank you! Actually, I haven't told anyone anything except my few close friends who know everything. I don't mind staying an extra year and studying for the LSAT which was my original plan. And you're right, I think I will just take my time this time around study for the LSAT and see how it goes. I know going to the UK is not the brightest decision I will make which is why I've been on the edge.
  8. Not really to be honest. It's all in my head, I haven't told anyone anything so I'm cool in that department of not having outsiders pressure me. But yeah, I will have to talk to her sooner than later.
  9. I wouldn't exactly call it a flip flop. I was planning on studying for the LSAT while doing my master so I can apply to canadian law schools after I'm done but then I changed my mind and thought about going to the UK when I declined my Waterloo offer. And now after posting on this thread my plan on going to UK is slowly diminishing. I'll start studying for the LSAT soon.
  10. Thank you! I know it'll be a tough road coming back here. As I've mentioned I don't know if I can stay in Canada any longer and till yesterday I promise you I was going to accept my final choice. But as of now I'm more confused than ever before especially posting on this forum last night.
  11. You're right... it's the fear of not having anything planned and having people around me ask me what I'm doing and just all the stupid pressure that will come with me taking a year off. Also the thought of failing to secure a spot at a canadian law school keeps popping on and off which makes. everything complicated. But at the end of the day I know attending law school here in canada is probably the best choice but I'll have to see.
  12. I wish I was trolling... what's the point of trolling on this page? what would I gain?
  13. Lets just say not high enough and decent is well.....decent.
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