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  1. GOT123

    Are there lockers in Fauteux?

    Yes - Typically any email is sent out to law students about the fee for renting a locker for the year when classes start
  2. GOT123

    Finding a Place to Live

    what is your price range?
  3. would be helpful to specify where you are transferring from
  4. GOT123

    Lsuc exams 2018

    Last year they were released the week leading up to Civic Holiday weekend. In my year (2016) they were released then as well.
  5. I think there are a lot of great advocates but also a lot of bad ones. Unfortunately the bottom line for a lot of smaller firms can often shape the practice. For instance, you're a sole practitioner in PI (and there are a lot) with 3 support staff. Payroll is coming up. You might be able to manage for a couple of months on your line of credit but then what? That lawyer is probably looking for a file s/he can settle relatively quickly to bring in some revenue to keep the firm afloat. It's the downside to contingency fees which yes enhance access to justice but also have some drawbacks which is the example I just gave. I think online firm reviews for bus ad firms speak for themselves. Don't have much to add to that.
  6. When insurance companies are paying less and less for certain injuries/losses more often than not, they are not going to be so keen to pay more when a lawyer that has actually built the file properly comes around and values the same injuries higher than what the insurer has been paying. This applies whether through settlement or trial.
  7. Just to be clear I do not disagree with most of anything said here. These posts exemplify exactly why PI lawyers have such a bad reputation. I practice in PI and I was always drawn to it because it was one of the few areas of law where you can make a real difference in peoples lives who are really injured. Unfortunately too many firms run an assembly line of files now as a business model and just settle out files quickly, focusing on quantity rather than quality. If you think there's nothing wrong with this practice because it makes you money quicker...sure. But in the long-run it's not just the clients suffering with under-settled files that do nothing to assist with their rehabilitation. The industry suffers as well. A rotator cuff tear that 10-12 years ago would have very likely been worth $75,000 is now $30,000 (as a very general example) because of lawyers and firms that run an assembly line practice of quick and under-settled files. It's disgusting. We're killing our own industry. Just read the difference in judgments between today and 15 years ago. Given how shady some firms have become in charging their "contingency fees" I anticipate the LSO to require PI lawyers to maintain dockets (as some firms current do not). https://www.canlii.org/en/on/onca/doc/2017/2017onca494/2017onca494.html?autocompleteStr=neinstein&autocompletePos=4
  8. GOT123

    June Bar 2018 -- How'd it go?

    Usually come out the week before Civic Holiday weekend. That's what happened last year
  9. GOT123

    1L Summer Opportunities and How to Get Them

    Hello 2016 uOttawa grad and 2nd year associate here - In my experience not many students secured 1L summer opportunities through the traditional process of applying to those bigger firms. A lot actually chose to enjoy the summer and that did not hinder them at all from getting interviews to large Bay Street firms for OCIs. 1L grades seemed to be the biggest factor in securing OCIs, and after that it was up to how you did in your interviews. For myself, I did not obtain a 1L summer position the "traditional way" so I instead took advantage of uOttawa's Student Proposed Internship (SPI) program. uOttawa is the only law school that offers this program and through it I obtained an internship at a firm for the month of May 2014, and then was hired on as a summer student for the remainder of 1L summer. 2L OCIs did not land me a 2L summer job (they do not for most) but luckily due to my 1L summer experience, which all started through a simple SPI, the same firm hired me as a 2L summer student. My experience for the two summers got me a bunch of articling interviews in larger Bay Street firms but I ultimately decided I wanted to return to the same firm. I am now a second year associate here. Point being, there is the traditional path, but it's very difficult to obtain a 1L summer position at one of those firms unless you have very solid grades and some good background experience. If that route does not work for you--and it does not for most--it will not mean the door is closed on you getting where you want to be later on during 2L OCIs or the articling recruitment. uOttawa has a unique SPI program and I encourage everyone to take advantage of it.
  10. GOT123

    Solicitor 2018

    I felt shitty going into the solicitor and felt shitty coming out. I was always 20ish questions behind the recommended pace. During the first half I even had to get up and use the washroom which put me even more behind. - I ended up passing regardless This is not to suggest the exam is easy or that everyone passes. I know a lot of people that failed. I have read that the pass rate is inaccurate anyway, because it does not take into account the # of re-writes a person did to pass. Nonetheless, what really saved me time was I read Professional Responsibility (and the Bylaws) 3 times before the Solicitor. A lot of PR came up in the Real Estate section and being able to answer those questions without having to search for the answers really helped. I also found that for the Solicitor I used my index less and Table of Contents more. My strategy was to answer questions normally up until there were 30 minutes left in the exam. At that point I did a cold run-through of all the questions I had remaining and made educated guesses for all. After I did that, with my remaining time I looked up and corrected/confirmed the answers to questions I knew I could quickly find in the materials. Goodluck!
  11. GOT123

    Hours : Targets, Expectations and Consequences

    are you complaining or happy about your situation?
  12. GOT123

    June Bar 2018 -- How'd it go?

    Having written the exam 2 years ago, it's not uncommon to feel the first half was a shitshow compared to the 2nd, largely because by the time the 2nd half starts you're more in the groove. To the best of my knowledge LSO does not release statistics on what a passing grade is. I believe it varies year to year depending on the scores but I could be wrong. Make sure you take time to read Professional Responsibility a couple of times again for the Solicitor (including the Bylaws).
  13. GOT123

    Where to go from here? Troubled 1L.

    I also ended my first year with a C+ average (class of 2016), including a D+ in Torts (could not do multiple choice exams for the life of me). Regardless, I obtained an internship at a civil litigation firm in my first summer, articled there and now work as an associate. The D+ in Torts did not really hold me back as much as I thought it would considering I now practice in the very area. I went through the OCI process as well and ended up with 4 OCIs. I made sure to address my grade in Torts with a sentence or 2 in my Cover Letters. I worked my ass off in 2L and 3L to finish with a cumulative B average in law school. As others have said, your legal career does not need to start and end at Bay Street. And OCIs are not the only way to get a job at a law firm. You need to consider that most of the firms participating in the process are the ones that can afford to pay the fees to participate (Bay Street firms...). There are plenty of other firms that do not participate in OCIs that are looking for summer and articling students. Just invest the time in yourself to make cold calls/emails to put yourself out there. Law schools unfortunately do not do a well enough job of instilling this in law students.
  14. I finished reading 3 days before the exams - spent 2 days doing practice questions/exams; spent the day before the exam doing a light review (ie: 10 questions from each section) and just relaxing. Passed both.
  15. GOT123

    No Luck in Second Attempt

    Where have you not been rejected so far (ie: still waiting to hear or on the waitlist)?