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  1. anz24

    Windsor Rejected 2018

    posting late - sorry! rejected May 2nd - was waitlisted March 6th. 3.32, L2: ~3.46/.49 (depends on calc.), LSAT: 159 - only write, Dec. 2017. tons of sj extracurriculars. best of luck to all those waiting!
  2. anz24

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    I did in fact withdraw my provisional acceptance last month.
  3. anz24

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Just received an email that reads "thank you for your consideration/sorry to see you've chosen another path/good luck" except the body of the email included this note for me as well as 50+ of the same notes, addressed to other folks (looks like a mishap with mail merge). maybe this means a bunch of spots are about to open up?
  4. anz24

    Accepted to Western 2018

    hey - thanks very much! I applied general with what going in, I thought were “really good” ECs, although that’s completely relative. (windsor’s waitlist certainly put my impression of what kind of ECs I had through the ringer lol) feel free to pm me if you’d like more details. good luck!!
  5. anz24

    Accepted to Western 2018

    In today! cGPA: 3.32, L2: ~3.46, LSAT: 159. (only write, Dec. 2017) thrilled to get this - will be accepting! was waitlisted at windsor last month.
  6. anz24

    Wait List Single JD 2018

    lol waitlisted today. cGPA: 3.32, L2: ~3.46, LSAT: 159. referred to adcomm in mid-January, soon after the Dec. LSAT score came out (my only write). good luck to all those waiting!
  7. anz24

    Admission Bursary - JD program

    lol, I thought this thread was going to be about whether or not it's legit given the strange formatting of the subject line. Personally, it went straight to my spam folder. I really should've just checked here before verifying the email addresses and staff member listed on it myself. you folks are quick!
  8. anz24

    Accepted Windsor Dual 2018

    Just got the email this morning! cGPA: 3.32, L2: ~3.46, LSAT: 159. Excellent ECs (I think) and I'd assume good LoRs.
  9. anz24

    Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    Hi folks! So I've talked to my friends who are current students and they offered a bit of insight as to what happened on their end. The leak was definitely last week, and the file containing our data was uploaded with a name pertaining to a scholarship of some kind. Some students downloaded the file directly - and it would appear that this is where the "36 students" figure comes from. One of my friends downloaded the file so their name turned up on the back-end of the system. As a result, they were specifically asked by the program admin to both delete the file and sign a form of some kind, committing to non-disclosure of anything they may have seen on the file. However, another friend of mine accessed the file uploaded from their phone and was never asked to sign any form - so I'm wondering if the school's system has limitations as to how well it can track document access (downloading vs. just viewing). Most of the other students that my friends know all viewed the file - given that it was uploaded as an attachment to do with scholarships for current students - this isn't very surprising. As for whether or not my friends were able to view my "admit value" and therefore give me some kind of idea as to where my file's at, I don't have any news. As I said, the file was uploaded under the banner of pertaining to a current scholarship opportunity. My friends are 1Ls so once they realized their names weren't on the roster, they started looking for names of upper year students they knew. By that point, the clarifying email had been sent out and the file was removed. In other words, I got nothing. TLDR: There's reason to believe the "36 students" figure isn't accurate. The good news is it would appear that all of the students that downloaded file can be identified and have been asked by the school to sign a non-disclosure agreement of some kind.
  10. anz24

    Applicant information from Windsor leaked

    please consider this my formal request to join the miffed-it-isn't-an-admission-decision club! I'm also not opposed to a snowden-level leak re: my "admit value" though. I'm currently badgering all my Windsor Law friends to see if they know what's up
  11. I still have "no information available" although I'm assuming they have reported scores to schools but there's just a lag in displaying it on our end. I'm basing this on the fact that my application on Ottawa's application portal uOzone changed to having LSAT checked off today and is finally complete.
  12. Hi all! I was wondering if anyone else's ticket photo is showing up a bit blurry? I uploaded a HQ photo that was taken with a DSLR (literally a LinkedIn profile picture) and it was perfectly fine. I opened up the PDF today and it's definitely blurry - not pixelated, and not unclear enough that it's unrecognizable - but I'm definitely worried as to whether or not the LSAC folks on testing day will accept it. Did this happen to anyone else when they tested? If so, were there any problems getting let in? Thank you in advance!