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  1. I never contacted a single person from any of the firms and got 12 OCIs - I think it helps more to contact after OCI day, if you get an in firm. No one I know who landed a position contacted someone at their firm before getting an in firm offer.
  2. I hate to say it, but this doesnt sound that bad. Is your hourly wage minimum wage? Atleast there is some pay. I found the overtime comment weird. They don't want you to ask for overtime pay, sure, but they won't let you work for free either? I do have a recommendation about the docking/using too much time point. Docket your time anyway. Then if the issue arises again you can show them exactly how you spent the time. I did this for my summer job when I had a similar issue and it really helped. I think you should stick it out. Articling positions are so hard to find these days.
  3. Definitely appropriate and I think you should send the email today!
  4. This doesn't sound exclusionary - people can chose who they hang out with. Ask them to hang out directly if you want to but if they just want to stick to their group, that's their choice. Some people want to keep friend groups small at this time. It sucks but it sounds more like your perspective towards the situation is what needs to change.
  5. If you can add an EC that interests you or sounds impressive, do it. The OCI recruit this year will be weird and without a full slate of 1L grades, I think ECs will matter. That being said, your experience sounds great.
  6. You will only be able to apply for OSAP. You have to be a resident of the province to apply for provincial aid. You will be able to get OSAP for an out of province school (pending eligibility, etc). The OSAP max for Ontario law school was ~17k this year - I don't know about out of province schools. You should note that multiple schools outside Ontario have substantially cheaper tuition than the law schools in Ontario.
  7. I lived with my parents during undergrad, then moved out at 22. Theres no law school in the province where I'm from, but I would have moved out regardless. Some home environments just aren't helpful while in law school. I'd rather take on a bit more debt than drive both myself and my parents crazy. I find the independence really helpful when it comes to focusing on school. However, I'm lucky enough to attend law school in a city with cheap rent, and have relatively low debt. If I was a student in toronto and had parents there, I may have made a different choice due to the much higher cost.
  8. I'd go with your previous manager if itll be strong. The Dean's will likely be generic like you mentioned and itd be odd to include the lawyers if you've never worked with them.
  9. Being appointed to a judge position is a long process. You have to practice law for a minimum of 10 years and be in good standing (having a good reputation helps too). You apply for a position, a committee reviews all the applications and creates a short list of candidates to interview. After interviews, reference checks etc the committee makes a shorter list of recommended candidates and the Attorney General choses the candidate who will receive the position from the recommended candidates. I think the role of the Attoney General in the process may have recently changed, or been removed completely. It isn't easy and all the judges I've met had a long and successful legal career before becoming a judge. Many of them were crown 'prosecutors' (/attorneys).
  10. I was thinking whisky too - or a fancy scotch.
  11. Yep! From what I remember, they ask for your LSAC account number when you sign up for OLSAS and then they just use that to request your score from LSAC.
  12. When you submit your OLSAS application, they will obtain your LSAT score from LSAC and all of the schools you apply to will have access to your LSAT score. You don't have to do anything for this to happen. On OLSAS, you chose which Ontario schools you want to apply to (at an additional cost for each). OLSAS is just for Ontario schools. All other schools have their own individual application process. OLSAS should open up in September, then application materials are due November 1st. Some other schools start the process a bit earlier. You will send (/upload) your application materials (transcripts, LOR etc) to OLSAS, and to each individual school you want to apply to outside of Ontario. Any school you apply to will obtain your LSAT score from LSAC without you doing anything. I'm happy to answer any other questions you have.
  13. You apply to Ontario law schools through OLSAS (part of OUAC - https://www.ouac.on.ca/olsas/). As far as I know, the only role that LSAC plays for Canadian students is it's administration of the LSAT. You'll need to apply through OLSAS, or the school directly for schools outside of Ontario. I think purchasing CAS was a mistake - I don't think you can use that service to apply to Canadian schools (or, at least, it won't be very helpful).
  14. I provided reference letters for all the firms which had the option and multiple had them highlighted and asked questions about them during OCIs. Honestly, if you have really strong reference letters, I can't imagine why you wouldn't include them.
  15. It's fine. I took first year courses in my fourth year and got into multiple schools. I really don't think they analyze it that much.
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