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  1. Everyone applying to law school would claim to have good time management skills- but this shouldn't make it to your application in any fundamental way. I'd recommend to only lightly mention vague skills and focus more on the unique experience and abilities that you have. Being able to speak three languages is a great asset to mention.
  2. No, you shouldn't send them your CV. The OLSAS sketch is meant to be the equivalent to a CV.
  3. The applications are completely deleted from the OLSAS system once the application cycle is over. You won't be able to access past applications.
  4. Hey! I'm a 1L in the program now (Single JD). The clinic is definitely open to single JD students but I'm under the impression that it's a for credit clinic option, to take during 2L or 3L. Definitely an interesting opportunity!
  5. I can help! If you log into the test login and then click organizations, orientation 2018 and then the resources tab on the left side. the schedule is under academic orientation. Or you can message me and I'll send you a copy!
  6. You made a mistake. Interest for the OSAP loan does not begin until you have completed school, and even then it can be pushed back farther if you need repayment assistance. Your LOC will start charging you interest the day you start spending money. The best plan is to take the OSAP loan then once your OSAP loan interest starts accumulating repay the OSAP loan with your LOC, which will then convert your loan into lower interest loan. It's not a huge deal but you definitely lost some money by forgoing the loan.
  7. I don't think a suit is necessary. I assume the class photo from last year is the one on the site http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/- not too many suits in the crowd.
  8. The OSAP $$ won't appear on your portal until enrollment is confirmed at the beginning of September. The financial aid/cashiers office can see that you are receiving OSAP, and won't charge interest since the payments were technically due yesterday. You just have to pay the difference, and then the amount that OSAP will cover will be outstanding until ~first week of September.
  9. The population is concentrated down south though. Also, Toronto is considered Southern Ontario.
  10. I deleted my interests section over a year ago to keep my resume to 2 pages. I'm happy I saw this thread. I honestly assumed that interests would be the first section to cut, and that it wouldn't matter at all. Very surprised to hear that travelling is considered a legitimate interest for a resume..
  11. I am in the same boat. I am not registered on myuwindsor, and my financial summary still shows -500. I think they just aren't finished registering all the students in the system. (Last name S)
  12. I'm not registered but I can see how much I owe by logging into myuwindsor -> financial matters -> account summary -> fall 2018. Im currently seeing $9,753 for tuition ($9,253 after the deposit is deducted)
  13. ????? your comment doesn't live delete itself- I had no way of knowing you had deleted it until after I had already posted. I don't want to keep posting off topic. Your comments are wild and you should consider presenting yourself in a more mature way. Name calling just makes you look worse.
  14. I think all your comments should be quoted so you can't delete them. I am a dumbass? I don't think many people are thinking that after reading your comments. Being on the waitlist twice doesn't give you some great insight into this years admissions process. and if it does, why aren't you actually posting productive, helpful comments? Either way, it's crazy to be throwing around comments like dumbass, biggest tool etc on this forum. You have to know that those comments just make you seem immature and dramatic.
  15. you were on the waitlist twice yet you're calling out CrimNation for applying for another round? What. Your comments aren't helpful, they just make you sound like a total jerk. Why are you even on this thread if you didn't apply this year? ...
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