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  1. I started 1L at Windsor last year and there were people at orientation who received their acceptance August 25th. It really sucks but hopefully you get your answer soon! You have good stats. Hope you get in!
  2. I wasn’t able to access mine until the end of July last year- I secured my loc earlier then just signed the papers the end of July. Unsure of what to do if you need the money earlier sadly!
  3. No way to be sure but last year we received ours around the first week of August! classes are usually Monday-Friday
  4. You won’t pick your own courses. The first year single JD Program is split into 3 sections (based on last name) and all courses are assigned based on that- there is 0 selection. If you have any questions feel free to msg me! I’m a 2L and am pretty involved in welcoming the incoming class. Would be happy to answer any questions you have.
  5. I don’t want to make a new thread for this- but does anyone know what % these grades would fall in the grade distribution? Trying to figure out what % average would be the top 10% of the class at Windsor (80? 85?)
  6. RC was my worst section too.. I found it helpful to complete the section in the order of my best topic -> worst topic. For example, I would start with the science reading and leave the english/arts reading for last. I also found it helpful to use different marking strategies. I would underline the main points, and divide the reading into sections, which helped when I had to refer back to the reading to answer specific questions. p.s. giving up every single day to go to the library is not worth it, no matter what you are studying. That is just wild.
  7. are you a dual student? I am confused since torts wasn't offered to 1L's this year.
  8. Don't do the dual program unless you actually want a dual degree. It's not worth the additional cost just to start school ASAP. Take the year to improve your LSAT and gain work experience. The dual program does have some cool opportunities, but it's really only worth it if pursuing your interests would require a US degree.
  9. Everyone applying to law school would claim to have good time management skills- but this shouldn't make it to your application in any fundamental way. I'd recommend to only lightly mention vague skills and focus more on the unique experience and abilities that you have. Being able to speak three languages is a great asset to mention.
  10. No, you shouldn't send them your CV. The OLSAS sketch is meant to be the equivalent to a CV.
  11. The applications are completely deleted from the OLSAS system once the application cycle is over. You won't be able to access past applications.
  12. Hey! I'm a 1L in the program now (Single JD). The clinic is definitely open to single JD students but I'm under the impression that it's a for credit clinic option, to take during 2L or 3L. Definitely an interesting opportunity!
  13. I can help! If you log into the test login and then click organizations, orientation 2018 and then the resources tab on the left side. the schedule is under academic orientation. Or you can message me and I'll send you a copy!
  14. You made a mistake. Interest for the OSAP loan does not begin until you have completed school, and even then it can be pushed back farther if you need repayment assistance. Your LOC will start charging you interest the day you start spending money. The best plan is to take the OSAP loan then once your OSAP loan interest starts accumulating repay the OSAP loan with your LOC, which will then convert your loan into lower interest loan. It's not a huge deal but you definitely lost some money by forgoing the loan.
  15. I don't think a suit is necessary. I assume the class photo from last year is the one on the site http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/- not too many suits in the crowd.
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