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  1. Some during the interview itself (/first half hour of being there), some through the host at the end (who, I'm assuming, received feedback during the end/firm tour part of the interview).
  2. I am sure it depends on the firm but for all of the in-firms I attended they asked directly during the interview.
  3. What's the best way to cancel dinner/tuesday second interview? Just send an email to the main interviewer ('host')?
  4. Your posts really help me feel calm going in to in firms. I get stressed, but wow, atleast I can make some common sense decisions without asking strangers on a forum. Chill out. I'm from NL too and you've posted so much that I'm even 90% sure I know who you are. Just calm down and enjoy your weekend.
  5. U of A is one of the few schools that averages LSAT scores. It's only worth retaking if you are certain you'll get a higher LSAT- but since the average is considered, a high 160's will likely only make your score go up 1-2 points.
  6. From what I've been led to believe, you should accept the breakfast and then if something else comes up, or if you feel that Davies is not going to work out, you just call them and cancel (as soon as you know, of course)
  7. I know you state that you're 'high financial need' but I am unsure if any of the student loan programs, bursary programs, etc would agree. If you're working full time, I'm assuming you make a salary. If that salary is decent, bursary's will be hard to obtain since you'll have to explain why you didn't save up to (atleast partially) fund your own way through law school. I think that you should apply and, if not awarded a scholarship, apply for a student loan and a PSLOC. I know people in my program who owe 70k+ from their undergrad, etc- without having a hefty outstanding loan, you're already lower financial need than some of your peers.
  8. Legal research and writing on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings either 10-1130 or 1130-1 Crim/property/contract/constitutional- Monday-Thursday in the afternoons (like 2-430). 2 sections have 1 night class (6-830) instead of all afternoons. Indigenous legal traditions from 9-12 Friday mornings.
  9. He is literally asking for advice. I am stating my advice. I literally said I hope he gets a job. ????????????
  10. Dude, I really hope you get a job. You've heard it enough on this forum but you need to chill a bit. I think you should answer with the truth and ask questions that really interest you. It's a stressful process but overthinking minor details will probably work against you on interview day.
  11. Does anyone have any information about the compensation for articling in Southern Ontario? I am mostly interested in Windsor. I am hoping to be able to step away from the OCI/Toronto process and wait to apply for articling in Windsor but am having a hard time weighing options with such little information available. Generally, is it harder to get one of the few Windsor positions?
  12. You should wait. You won't get a benefit from submitting early and if you wait you can confirm that they actually did submit the LOR. It's better to wait just to ensure they submit it properly/it shows up on your OLSAS app.
  13. Are these firms coming to your school or conducting interviews over skype?
  14. What school do you attend? I assumed that all the firms had a full day planned (20 OCIs)
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