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  1. Literally anytime. I had classmates who were accepted the day before orientation.
  2. Honestly I think the strategy which really helped me achieve good grades was to create charts for each exam and complete pre-writes for obvious topics. For the charts, I used excel and just included the case name in one column and the ratio in the column next to the case name. This helps so much for fact patterns since it allows for the rules to be easily identified. However, the use of the ratios really depends on your ability to identify issues in the fact pattern and apply the ratios properly. Pre-writes aren't for everyone but I find them very helpful. For most classes, I write out how I would use the ratios in paragraph form (for obvious topics, like negligence in torts and adverse possession in property). I've barely ever used the pre-write in whole form, but they are so helpful to introduce a issue/ratio before going into the question-specific analysis. I average a solid A in long answer exams, with my average being dragged down by terrible multiple choice based courses 😅
  3. Do you mean 2022? The 2021Toronto Articling Recruit already happened
  4. I could not agree more. Why not just be happy for the students posting about their summer jobs? They are proud, and they deserve to be. Its crazy to me to think that students should hold off on posting on Linkedin in case of it upsetting someone who wasn't able to get a position. It sucks, but the posts don't change anyone's situation and the students upset by this should not take it personally.
  5. I can confirm that you do continue clerking at SCJ after being called to the bar! Typically SCJ clerks get called to the bar in June and continue as counsel until the next group of clerks start in August - with a pay raise after being called.
  6. It really is dependant on the question/course but I'd say in an exam I write ~1500 words per hour. There have been exams that I've written which were marathon typing sprees, and others which required much less. Many would likely disagree, but I think typing skills give a big advantage in law exams. If you can't type close to the speed that you think, it's a disadvantage.
  7. For some areas of law, it may be a deal breaker. Some areas, like criminal defense, require the flexibility of a license and being able to easily get to various courts, meetings, etc. I've seen multiple law job postings which require a drivers license and access to a vehicle. I don't know your situation but if you're in an area outside of a major transit city (Toronto, Van or Montreal), you should consider trying to overcome your fear of driving. I was in a serious car accident a few years ago and it wasn't easy to adjust back to driving every day but it's worth the effort. I would recommend speaking with a therapist if the accident is still on your mind, and then slowly increasing the time you spend driving. It will be worth it for the independence and flexibility it will provide you.
  8. You have to pay tuition for both Windsor and Detroit Mercy - It'll be >50k per year. You can get OSAP (if you're eligible), which will cover a small portion. And you can apply for a line of credit from the bank, which I think can be up to 150k for dual students.
  9. I agree with soccerstar. Lots of PBSC placements are meaningful and well-run. Sorry you aren't happy with your placement, but I'm sure lots of students would be grateful to take your place. I know many students are rejected because of too much demand each year.
  10. Don't do it. Its not worth the money or experience. If you have a bay st job locked in, just politely decline the RA position. If you don't have a summer offer yet, ask for more time to decide about the RA position. I worked in a small firm over the summer and continued with my RA work - it wasn't fun and its something I regret. Its better to just have some time to enjoy yourself and its hard to predict how busy your summer student position will be.
  11. I did 10 OCIs last year in 1 day and it was totally fine! Honestly, I could have accepted 2 more and still had enough time in between to not be too stressed. However, I wouldn't recommend filling every time slot - having a break can be really helpful and allows you to make some notes about the firms and how your interviews went. Good luck!
  12. FCA will likely send out clerkship offers first, but not necessarily interview applicants first. From what I've read on this forum, the FC interview process usually streches over a long period of time since each judge typically interviews/choses their clerk(s).
  13. It doesn't notify other schools. You'll still be considered at all the schools you apply to and if you back out of going to UNB, you just lose your deposit.
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