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  1. Yeah, the grades are all the same! I just assumed that an unofficial would be okay since a pdf scan of an official one could just as easily be altered. it was definitely a mistake on my part, but I'm hoping it doesn't hurt my applications too much. I ended up sending a scanned pdf of my official grad and law transcripts to each recruiter through email just to be sure. Some have responded, some have not.
  2. Despite all the time I spent putting my OCI applications together, I appear to have made a pretty serious mistake. I included copies of my unofficial transcripts rather than requesting and scanning official copies. Unfortunately, I am unable to quickly obtain my undergrad transcripts (since they would have to be sent from another province) but I am picking up my graduate and law school transcripts this afternoon (as soon as the registrars office opens at 1pm) I'm looking for some advice. I know I was naive to assume that it didn't matter whether the transcripts were official or non-official but this assumption was based on my belief that official copies were only wanted if an applicant is successful. Since it would be just as easy to change a scanned image (and why would anyone lie at this stage anyway?). My unofficial transcripts contain my final grades, and show that I downloaded the grades/transcripts a week ago. My grades are good and I don't want this one element to be my downfall. I'm mostly wondering how to proceed. My applications have all been reviewed on ViRecruit- I can't easily make the change. Should I email each firm individually with a PDF of my official transcripts? Or wait for them to request? (1 has already, which is why the issue was brought to my attention)
  3. I agree with Toad- it's super strange. All your writing should be timestamped, similar to using google docs. It's extra strange that you're being accused for each exam. You should ask for specifics as to why they think you cheated (ie. is there actually a time stamp you are unaware of, you wrote more than normally possible etc) At my school (UWindsor) we use exam soft. My computer shut down during an exam and when I started it back up examsoft opened asking if I'd like to continue my writing, with a time stamp of when I last typed. When submitting on examsoft, a big green check would appear and examsoft would send an automated email confirming receipt. Unless Exam4 is completely different, I imagine it would be difficult to make a mistake submitting every single exam.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/668988899822428/ Windsor Law Book Exchange facebook group!
  5. I highly doubt it. As far as I can tell, Ontario schools know just because they are on a central application system (OLSAS). Schools outside of the system won't know who's accepted, and I can't imagine schools sending around class lists or putting in the effort to inquire about certain students.
  6. It will be the same- arguably easier or harder depending on how the test-taker is with technology. I feel like there will definitely be some issues with the tablets, but I guess that's why they're being so flexible about score cancellation. I am pretty interested about how the process will change. do you have any scrap paper???? I can't image working on the logic games section with just a tablet- the little spaces next to the questions really helped with allowing charts/notes while working on the problems.
  7. what a helpful post (jk) 🙄🙄 I am not an applicant this year- but at this point, it does make sense to be upset/anxious for a response. There is no way to know what they are really doing, and it is super weird for them to claim that they just haven't updated the statuses. It is also clearly brutal that they decided, unlike other years, to have an unnumbered waitlist. If that's the 'game' of applying to law school, its undeniable that the game should be improved. Very unfair for people who are 'under evaluation' and had to forgo their provisional acceptance (or confirm it) without knowing where they actually stand in UO's admission.
  8. Honestly chose a few professors you like and did well in their class, and email them about possibly writing a recommendation letter. I was in the same situation when I applied for my MA, and after emailing a few professors (from classes where I received an A) I got two decent recommendation letters. They definitely weren't the best/personal, but something is better than nothing. Most good profs are happy to write recommendation letters for students who do well in their classes. Also, I know little about the aboriginal applicant question, but as far as I know self identifying as aboriginal is enough to apply as an aboriginal applicant. I can't image them requiring proof since it could be really difficult for some people.
  9. From what I remember orientation for the Single JD last year ran each day from 9-5. It's a fairly boring week, but it is mandatory. It's mostly speakers talking about various courses, expectations, experiential learning opportunities, etc Not sure about the dual!
  10. I don't go to Queens but I think it's best to only work during first year if you a) actually enjoy or benefit from the position or b) make enough money for it to be crazy to turn down. I worked 10 hrs/week during 1L in a research position that I really enjoyed. I found it easy to manage around readings and school work but I did miss multiple daytime law school events due to the commitment. Also, if you're going through student loans/bursaries, working can make an impact on how much financial aid you receive.
  11. Do yourself a favor and buy your books from an upper year during orientation week. So many people I know bought new or early and it cost them a lot of extra $$.
  12. This section was painful to read. It sounds like your school just supports causes/plans events which focus on diverse ideas/cultures?? and they advertise it? What kind of conservative, right wing course are you even looking for? The whole 'half of orientation has to do with natives' part is particularly painful. *Indigenous* law is very important considering Canada's history. If I were to make a list for UWindsor #1-10 would be admin. It is insane how long it takes admin to get anything done. We received our grades a month ago, and they literally can't figure out how to rank >160 students, since the system apparently used to do it for them. It is wild. They don't answer emails, they can't make a timeline and, if they do, you can guarantee it won't be met.
  13. I started 1L at Windsor last year and there were people at orientation who received their acceptance August 25th. It really sucks but hopefully you get your answer soon! You have good stats. Hope you get in!
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