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  1. The subsidy isn't available to all employers - the government website uses the term small businesses. I would be shocked if national firms will be supported at all by the subsidy, let alone at 75% - that would be wild.
  2. Many firms have announced their list of 2020 summer students and posted the list of names on their firm website. I dont think that will make a difference. The reality is that a 20 student program at bay street rates would cost a firm 38k per week. I dont think any firm will make the decision lightly.
  3. Don't be concerned! I just think that with everything going on they haven't sent the info yet. I'd expect something in writing within the next few weeks.
  4. and you seriously would have taken the loan even if you had an offer from a family member, who you know can afford it? You know, those bursaries are supposed to be for people who need financial support, not people that turn down tuition $$ for the sake of, I don't know, pride and self reliance? It's cool that you paid for law school youself but it doesn't mean people should be turning down financial support. I think OP is being really reasonable.
  5. Did anyone receiving an SCJ offer get any additional information this week?
  6. Yeah, I totally take back my post. I definitely took the wrong meaning from the email. My apologies.
  7. Wow! I'm assuming they're not going to pay for those missed weeks? Bad news for all the students with summer leases in Toronto
  8. Because I dont want to study for and write a harder exam? We were told not to remember case names etc because they weren't going to be important. Now they are. Now everyone has to relearn that material. It sucks.
  9. Yet to see. I'm sure they'll be up in arms. I'm fine with exams being graded but I think changing exam formats to make the exam harder goes too far. It just adds to the stress.
  10. Yeah - Windsor sent an email tonight confirming that emails will go ahead as scheduled. No pass/fail and examsoft will still be used. To make it worse, some profs are changing from multiple choice to short answer questions, effectively making the exam much harder than it was planned 😣
  11. People are talking about the option at windsor, but at this point it's just talk. I'm just worried that if the pass/fail option isn't mandatory, would the rest of the class be curved to the B average? I feel like this would be tough since the students expecting a low grade will obv opt for pass/fail then the rest will be curved down to a B. I dont know, at this point I'd support a mandatory pass/fail but I'm 2L and have a job. If this was last year, I'd be hardline against the pass/fail option.
  12. To be honest, I wouldn't include it. If your grades got better, and you have your 1L grades, I dont think they care much about what happened 4 years ago. Unless what happened was really serious and not typical (overcoming disease, etc). Most people face struggles, like deaths of close ones etc, so if it's more along those lines I wouldn't include it. Tbh my undergrad gpa was lowlow and it didn't effect me in OCIs, or even government.
  13. UWindsor cancelled classes Mon-Weds, then will transition online. No solid info on exams yet. Our law formal (scheduled for tonight) was cancelled too, but no word on convocation.
  14. ONSC offers are out now too
  15. As far as I know all ONCA offers are out. They went out friday.
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