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  1. Some courses have a differing number of sections (prime example is Contracts unless they've increased it to 3 sections). Also Aurora is somewhat prehistoric software and the university has a history of ignoring student proposals on how to improve it ("money could be spent better elsewhere"/"it's not really a major issue" they say) , so it is what it is.
  2. Marketing, management, and training courses might be worth looking into if you are seeking something that will complement a dental practice. Marketing if you are looking to grow your clinic, whereas management/training courses can help reduce overhead (though I guess revenue here really only comes down to the efficiency of the dental hygienists you hire for scaling/cleanings by minimizing the time you need to spend with patients).
  3. Is it safe to assume that not receiving a call from a certain firm yesterday means that they won't be calling?
  4. What about the small firms in the smaller cities nearby? I'm guessing they would be lower than downtown Vancouver. Interesting to hear that small firms have such varied salaries.
  5. In the Vancouver area for business law.
  6. What are the salary ranges for the smaller firms?
  7. I hear there's good money in that.
  8. Hi all, I have some questions regarding the inclusion of reference letters for articling applications. If firms don't mention whether they look at reference letters, should I include it anyways? How much do reference letters influence an interview decision? Does it matter if I use the same letter for all of my applications, or should each application have its own reference letter addressed to the specific person I send it to? Thanks!
  9. U of M is about 12k/yr, so it could be considerably less if you're studying there. I know some people that are able to graduate with no debt via part time & summer work (non-law)
  10. Does this apply to mid-size or smaller firms, and is this exclusively for firms located downtown Vancouver (ie Vilawportal jobs)?
  11. Quotation marks too! ... and question marks and exclamation marks if you use those for whatever reason.
  12. This is why I always do three find/replace in large documents - one with a period before the word, one with a period after the word, and one with a space before and after the word.
  13. Unfortunately, I haven't I have to head downtown at 7:30 and don't get back until 5:30-6 for my work. Can't even go view my exams lol. I'll probably head over during articling interview week where I take a morning or afternoon off for interviews.
  14. 3.64 is closer to an A on the 4.0 scale right? (I'm not from an ON school) - at least if its 3.3 for B+ and 3.8 for an A. You shouldn't have a problem landing OCIs unless you're drawing dicks on your resume and cover letters. My estimate is at least 5 based on the numbers I've seen on this forum. This isn't taking into consideration of how strong your cover letter and resumes are/will be.
  15. Definitely 0 OCIs. Not even a 4.0 GPA.
  16. Now that I look at what you posted earlier again, I'm finding it quite odd that you'd have a registration date decided already. I might drop by the University some time to chat with Marie and co. regarding the change and ask them some questions about it since I'm curious about it myself. There were some discussions regarding this from what I remember, since some students wanted to be in specific sections in previous years. Some friends etc were separated due to being automatically sorted into classes. I'd imagine that students would choose a specific section to join and be able to join those classes since that would make the most sense, but still results in niches carrying over from undergraduate studies etc and would end up being a compromise to what I mentioned before. It could be possible that the new academic dean has some different ideas regarding the 1L course selection process, but I'd have to ask him about it.
  17. From what faculty staff have told me before, placing people into pre-determined schedules allowed students to have an easier time developing friendships with people within their class, so that people who are less vocal or less open don't end up hiding in a corner for the full 3 years. Being around the same people for a year helps develop familiarity, etc etc I don't see why it would change, to be honest. @AeroBarrel: Removed 4 courses from the mandatory list, but to be honest, most are still going to take 3 of those 4.
  18. Last year, I think a 3.8/4.5 made the lower end of the dean's list (according to my friend who got in at 3.8ish) Being 4.0 or higher is generally a safe bet due to As being given to only the top 10-20% of students in any given class. As a non-dean's lister, I can't say as to when awards were sent out.
  19. I would get some practice interviews in and get some feedback on that. You're definitely competitive, but could be either you're lacking somewhere, or you're somehow getting blown out of the water in every way possible.
  20. 1Ls are automatically put into sections and have a pre-determined schedule that will be assigned to them. The 1L schedule just shows who your prof is, what time your classes are, and where to go for your class. You don't choose your own courses/sections until 2L. I don't think they're changing it for this year, but I would ask Marie Jivan for more details.
  21. I'd be surprised if a B+ average made you not competitive.
  22. https://law.robsonhall.com/future-students/juris-doctor-j-d/admission-to-first-year/individual-consideration-category/ "In selecting those to whom an offer may be made, regard may be had to any/all factors considered relevant to the achievement of the foregoing objectives including such matters as: motivation, personal fortitude in leadership skills, occupational, cultural or educational background, community (union, religious, political, charitable) service, maturity, and integrity, etc." As a mature student, your GPA and LSAT aren't as important. However, demonstrating the ability to handle academic studies by taking some courses could help. One of my friends who entered law school with me finished his anthropology degree prior to entering, and he's about 40 years old as well. Since they also want a 1500 word personal statement, and a two page resume, emphasis is on what you've done in the past 20 years. One of my friends that got in via Mature Consideration scored something like a 155 LSAT? So you don't need to do outstanding on it either.
  23. Are you looking for this? https://www.lsuc.on.ca/licensingprocess.aspx?id=2147497188#C I haven't seen any posted yet, and it's still 2 months away so they'll probably post later this month/early next month.
  24. I know a bunch of people in my class who didn't do amazing in 1L, but either improved their grades in 2L, networked a lot with lawyers, or both. Since you just finished 1L, take the opportunity this summer to network with some lawyers, particularly those that practice in family law or whatever you want to do. If you know there's a specific firm you really want to work at, spend extra time meeting with those lawyers and keep in contact with them. 1L summer is probably the best time to do so, because 2L is where everyone is networking at wine & cheeses and receptions and people who start networking then stand out less from what I'm told. In terms of grades, take the opportunity to review your exams if your faculty permits. Meet with your professors, find out what you did right, what you did wrong, and how you can improve the overall quality of your answers. Look at other outlines and see how they structure the courses - some courses work better with flowcharts, whereas some work better being separated into categories, then find what works best for you. It might bump your grade up a little in the coming year. Remember, it's still a full year before articling applications are due, and 8 months before your next exams, so you have time to reflect and come up with a plan on how you'll make use of the summer and 2L.
  25. Late response here - nope. However, in 1L, your classes will run from around 9-3 or 4, and you'll need time to learn how to law school. If you really want to do some part time, I suggest to leave it for the weekend.
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