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  1. Some courses have a differing number of sections (prime example is Contracts unless they've increased it to 3 sections). Also Aurora is somewhat prehistoric software and the university has a history of ignoring student proposals on how to improve it ("money could be spent better elsewhere"/"it's not really a major issue" they say) , so it is what it is.
  2. Marketing, management, and training courses might be worth looking into if you are seeking something that will complement a dental practice. Marketing if you are looking to grow your clinic, whereas management/training courses can help reduce overhead (though I guess revenue here really only comes down to the efficiency of the dental hygienists you hire for scaling/cleanings by minimizing the time you need to spend with patients).
  3. Is it safe to assume that not receiving a call from a certain firm yesterday means that they won't be calling?
  4. What about the small firms in the smaller cities nearby? I'm guessing they would be lower than downtown Vancouver. Interesting to hear that small firms have such varied salaries.
  5. In the Vancouver area for business law.
  6. What are the salary ranges for the smaller firms?
  7. I hear there's good money in that.
  8. Hi all, I have some questions regarding the inclusion of reference letters for articling applications. If firms don't mention whether they look at reference letters, should I include it anyways? How much do reference letters influence an interview decision? Does it matter if I use the same letter for all of my applications, or should each application have its own reference letter addressed to the specific person I send it to? Thanks!
  9. U of M is about 12k/yr, so it could be considerably less if you're studying there. I know some people that are able to graduate with no debt via part time & summer work (non-law)
  10. Does this apply to mid-size or smaller firms, and is this exclusively for firms located downtown Vancouver (ie Vilawportal jobs)?
  11. Quotation marks too! ... and question marks and exclamation marks if you use those for whatever reason.
  12. This is why I always do three find/replace in large documents - one with a period before the word, one with a period after the word, and one with a space before and after the word.
  13. Unfortunately, I haven't I have to head downtown at 7:30 and don't get back until 5:30-6 for my work. Can't even go view my exams lol. I'll probably head over during articling interview week where I take a morning or afternoon off for interviews.
  14. 3.64 is closer to an A on the 4.0 scale right? (I'm not from an ON school) - at least if its 3.3 for B+ and 3.8 for an A. You shouldn't have a problem landing OCIs unless you're drawing dicks on your resume and cover letters. My estimate is at least 5 based on the numbers I've seen on this forum. This isn't taking into consideration of how strong your cover letter and resumes are/will be.
  15. Definitely 0 OCIs. Not even a 4.0 GPA.
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