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  1. Meiteen7

    Tuition & Timetable

    I believe that torts not being a 1L course may have changed a few years ago. Threads on this website show students from Windsor discussing grades they received in torts in 1L, and people looking for textbooks for the course. For example: Windsor law does list torts as part of their first-year curriculum: http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/239/juris-doctor-jd It could quite possibly be a glitch in the system. It is also entirely possible that they may not have posted because it is a winter course (from what I glean), and they are still trying to finalize course details. I would recommend calling and asking though.
  2. Meiteen7

    Accepted 2018

    Hi everyone, I was accepted off of the wait list on July 24th. My cgpa situation is a little tricky, as York sent OLSAS provisional grades, so 3.18 was reported to Windsor, but my actual cgpa actually higher then that. My highest Lsat is a 155. I was involved in a few clubs, volunteered, and worked part time during undergrad. I will be deferring for a year due to health reasons (deferral was approved yesterday). Best of luck to the starting class, see you in a year
  3. Meiteen7

    High LSAT (173), abysmal gpa (2.0)

    Is the 2.0 your cgpa? What are your l2? B2? L3? B3?
  4. Meiteen7

    Duel JD

    Actually, this information is incorrect with regards to the dual JD program. The application is due on April 15th, so the OP still has time to apply. Enclosed is a link to guide you through the application process to the program: http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/338/how-apply-canadian-american-dual-jd-program Also, I have attached a link to the dates deadlines page confirming the deadline is the 15th: http://www.uwindsor.ca/law/330/dates-and-deadlines. Best of luck.
  5. Hi Everyone, I have just officially declined my offer at Lakehead, and so hopefully somebody gets off of the waitlist Wishing you all the best of luck.
  6. Meiteen7

    Chances, GPA 3.8/ LSAT 152

    Which type of gpa is that? Cumulative? Last 2? Best 2? Last 3?
  7. Meiteen7

    Commute (from Vaughn) or Chambers?

    I'm finishing my undergrad at york as a commuter from Thornhill (which is part of Vaughan) honestly it's not a big deal. It takes me maybe 45 minutes by bus to get to campus, depending on the time of day (could be an hour with traffic), if you had a car it will go even faster. I would probably get a few roommates and just rent in Vaughan, as others have pointed out it will be much cheaper. If you want more info about the area feel free to inbox me
  8. Meiteen7

    Getting ready

    I would say that in this case, you're definitely putting the cart before the horse. I can completely respect where you are coming from and understand that you want to start getting prepared. The truth is though, you haven't even finished high school yet. Things change in undergrad, and although you may want to go into law now, the courses you take in your undergrad may change your mind about what you want to do later in life. That being said to answer your questions at hand: 1. From what I glean, and what is stated on all the law school websites is that it really doesn't matter what your undergrad is, there is no pre-law designated major. I've seen people on here that come from all backgrounds, whether it be science or arts. What is important is obviously that you enjoy what you are doing, but also that you do it well. When your time comes to apply for law school, you will need stellar grades to get in, so go for the major that you feel confident you can succeed in. 2. For your undergrad, I found that there really is no way to prepare. Most of the courses will help you to develop your skills, as each has very different expectations of what they want. Yes, there is an initial adjustment at first (or you may just fall right into it), but you will eventually gain the skills you need to either sink or swim. 3. There are no real books that can help to prepare you for your undergrad, unfortunately. In undergrad, a lot of the reading will either be articles that are assigned by the professor (and these can change from year to year) or textbook readings (again this can be different each year). If you want to be super prepared I guess rereading through the OWL site may give you a slight head start on papers, but completely unnecessary as a lot of time you will be provided with the knowledge on how to do each style comprehensively. 4. The biggest thing that law students/ actual lawyers on here stress is not to try and read ahead for law school, it is something that has been reiterated time and time again to students who have already been accepted to law school. I have seen a few times where maybe a few cases may be emphasized, but they make a point of saying not to bother reading ahead. The best way to be competitive is to keep up your scores, do well on the LSAT, and make sure that you are giving back/ actually doing something worth reporting to law schools. Volunteer in your community, get a part-time job, join some clubs. Use your undergrad to not only figure out if this is really what you want, but develop yourself as a person. Wishing you all the luck in the years to come.
  9. Meiteen7


    I believe you would have until 11:59 of the first to submit it, most deadlines on OLSAS are for 11:59 of that day. If you want to double check you can call, however, every other deadline has been 11:59 of the due date. For Reference: https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/olsas-dates/
  10. Meiteen7


    Per the OLSAS website: Failure to comply with the admission requirements and deadlines may result in your application being cancelled. That being said they do also make a point to say: Supporting documentation received after the deadline will be forwarded to the applicable law schools; however, OLSAS cannot guarantee that the law schools will consider these documents. Like another poster pointed out, give them a call. I would also make a point of calling the schools as well to ask if they will consider the documents if olsas forwards them, as it is at their discretion whether to review them or not.
  11. Meiteen7

    Feedback Request

    I find that the chances threads are a source of tremendous animus for many. Although they are meant to help, some people when they do not hear exactly what they want to, get extremely hostile and go on rampages (I have seen this countless times). I feel like a more prominent link towards the admission chances calculator, and creating an index forum, which displays the users name (if the student wants to contact them they can), the admission decision, type of applicant, and an other column for people to write about their soft factors (like the one developed for Ottawa) could be beneficial. That way, if people want, they can pull up the index and go through the numbers to see where they stack up for themselves. It would save the headache that I'm sure people have come to develop from these threads, in my opinion.
  12. A 7 at york is considered a b+ so the cgpa probably around a 3.4-3.5 (probably in the middle of the two), the l3 is probably closer 3.6-3.7 ,closer to 3.7, possibly slightly above the 3.7.
  13. There's actually a thread dedicated to this. Unless things have changed (which is possible given that the thread is from 2012), this is by no means a "death sentence" as one user points out.
  14. Meiteen7

    Does Windsor accept feb LSAT?

    Windsor will only accept the February LSAT for the dual program, the application for that program is due in April. However, for the single JD, Windsor clearly states that the December LSAT is the last acceptable LSAT for submission. I would advise rewriting though. If you are applying to other schools and truly think you can do better in February, then the higher score could benefit you (where it's accepted). Also, if for some reason you do not get into Windsor this year, but you get a better score in February, then the score you have will be ready to go for the next cycle.
  15. Meiteen7

    Updated Chances 2.9 cGPA 3.45 L20 and B20 161 LSAT

    For sask they go based on your best 2 years and LSAT. Your LSAT and B2 are above their mean, and people have gotten in with lower stats, but they have had sask connections. If you have one I would say it is more then likely you are in, even without one I think you are in for sask. For Calgary, it is hard to say. People on here suggest that it is hard to gauge, due to their holistic nature. If you have solid soft factors, I would think you'd be ok however not a shoo-in. Their average last 20 courses average is slightly higher (3.6/4), however, your LSAT may compensate. I would say in your case though of the 2 sask is much more likely.